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The Feast of Trumpets near the end of September represents the "awakening blast" or the last warning.

It really is a metaphorical statement. We read in:
D&C 45: 2 And again I say, hearken unto my voice, lest death shall overtake you; in an hour when ye think not the summer shall be past, and the harvest ended, and your souls not saved.
Everything the Lord does revolves around His feasts (dress rehearsals). All major and important religious events have happened during the Holy Feasts days.
The summer is symbolic of the time to work before the final harvest. Since this is the last dispensation - we have been in the summer since 1820. We are quickly nearing the fall harvest.
The Feast of Trumpets near the end of September represents the "awakening blast" or the last warning. Then ten days later - Yom Kippor - represents the Day of Atonement, most likely the time of the Savior's return. (My Opinion 2033 A.D.  Passover April/May)
The 7th Seal most likely will open at around the end of September or first of October, the Second Coming could also be at or around the day of …


(From the Lundwall Rare Manuscript File, Microfilm Roll No. 2 -- Visions of the
Latter Days, pp. 99 -- 102)
A prophetic incident occurred at my father's home in Cedar City, Utah, at the
time a conference was being held their, at which President John Taylor and George A. Smith were present. Elder George A. Smith was asked to conduct the morning session of the conference, as president Taylor wished to rest, as he had held meetings with the
different wards and stakes between Salt Lake City and Cedar City. President Taylor did not attend the morning session of the conference, but remained at our home to rest in order that he might attend the afternoon session. He, with all of the authorities, stayed at my father's home during this conference.
President Taylor wished to go to his room and lie down and rest, and asked my
mother to tell him if he should over sleep by the time the morning session was over. My mother was busy preparing din…



LDS Church Leaders preparing us for the 2nd Coming of Christ


LDS, The "Grand Sign" of the Last Days


Mega Earth Change- Coming Destruction


Teachings of Joseph Smith- The Signs of the Savior's Coming are being fulfilled.

Teachings of Joseph Smith
The signs of the Savior’s coming are being fulfilled; the faithful will recognize these signs and have peace in perilous times.
“We shall … do well to discern the signs of the times as we pass along, that the day of the Lord may not ‘overtake us as a thief in the night.’ [See D&C 106:4–5.]”4
“I will prophesy that the signs of the coming of the Son of Man are already commenced. One pestilence will desolate after another. We shall soon have war and bloodshed. The moon will be turned into blood. I testify of these things, and that the coming of the Son of Man is nigh, even at your doors. If our souls and our bodies are not looking forth for the coming of the Son of Man; and after we are dead, if we are not looking forth, we shall be among those who are calling for the rocks to fall upon them [see Revelation 6:15–17].”5
“Dearly and beloved brethren, we see that perilous times have come, as was testified of [see 2 Timothy 3:1]. We may look, then, with most…

Mega Earth Changes are Beginning: Evidences in Scriptures

Mega Earth Changes are Beginning:
Evidences in Scriptures-
2 Esdras: "The Sun will suddenly start shining at night, and the moon in the daytime"
1 Enoch 79:6- "The Moon shall change its laws and not be seen at its proper period"
1 Enoch 1:6- "Great fear and trembling shall seize them, even to the ends of the earth"
Isaiah 24:1- "Behold, the Lord maketh the earth empty, and maketh it waste, and turneth
                       it upside down and scattereth abroad the inhabitants thereof"
Isaiah 24:19-20 "The earth is utterly broken down, the earth is clean dissolved, to reel to
                               and fro"
Isaiah 13:13  "Therefore I will shake the Heavens and the earth shall remove out of her place"
There are 5 Major Factors that alter the Earth's climate and threaten the existence of Man:
1. Solar instablitity due to various cycles.
2. Volcanic eruptions on land and under the Sea.
3. Comet and asteroid hits.
4. …