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Interesting Observations on CHRIST, and the Opening of the 7th Seal

The following scriptures are proof that Joseph Smith is a Prophet:
D&C 20:1
Moses 7:45
D&C 77:7
Joseph Smith, History
3 Ne 8:5
D&C 107:49
D&C 110

Why, because he could not have known these dates EXCEPT by prophecy.

Jesus Christ was born on the 1st day of Passover. April 6, 1BC was a full moon. Passover always starts on a full moon.

Passover is a 7 day holiday. The first day is the Lord's Passover which celebrates when the House of Israel survived the 10th Plague. The last day is on the Sabbath and is Our Passover, celebrating when Moses parted the Red Sea.

Jesus was crucified on the 6th day of Passover. Every Paschal Lamb has to die on the 6th day of Passover.

Luke 3:1 The 15th year of the Reign of Tiberius was 28 AD. John the Baptist and the Saviour were in their 29th years. 

Luke 3:23 The Lord "began to be about 30."

Moses 7:45 The Meridian of time is the entire life of Jesus Christ in mortality. Meridian in Hebrew means acme or zenith, not midpoint…