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Before the great day of the Lord shall come......(Mill Star 42:584-7; 1880 No.37, The Coming Millennium)

Before the great day of the Lord shall come...... Before the great day of the Lord shall come, and the day of righteousness and peace dawn upon this fair creation two potent cleansing processes shall be in active operation. The first of these is the preparation of a choice people, purified by an application to their lives, as individuals and a community, of the principles of the Gospel of peace. Such a body will evolve from those called Latter-day Saints, who, as a Church, possess the fullness and power of the pure plan of Salvation. Out of this community, at present in the merely incipient stages of development, and from the remnant of the whole House of Israel, will emanate the nucleus or foundation from which will spring the righteous millennial population of our globe.

The other branch of preparation will be the partial depopulation of the earth, by cutting off from this life those who are not in harmony with the laws of God, and consequently not fit to perform his will. This destru…