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Movie on importance of fatherhood wows at box office!!

Movie on importance of fatherhood wows at box office
By Marianne Medlin

Albany, Ga., Oct 8, 2011 / 05:41 pm (CNA).- A low-budget film on the crucial role of fathers debuted as the number one new movie during its opening weekend in theaters across the U.S.

“There is an opportunity for fathers to step up in our culture and take more of a spiritual role and to affirm and love their kids and to prepare them for what should be a Godly legacy among families,” Alex Kendrick, actor and director for “Courageous,” told CNA on Oct. 6

“We see too many men accepting a 'good enough' mentality when their role is crucial to helping each child realize that God loves them.”

“Courageous,” has now ranked as the number four movie in the country, despite opening against six other movies with almost three times as many screens. The film opened on Sept. 30 to over 1,100 theaters across the U.S.

Kendrick, who works with the Sherwood Pictures prod…

Collapse? Yes!! It's worse this time...

Collapse? Yes!! It's worse this time...
I have been reading a lot lately of where we are economically; I think we are headed down the drain and soon. Yes, I know most of you think this, as do I. But more and more of the "regular" world is just not thinking it, but they are are now openly talking about it.

What makes that important?

The vast majority of Americans, and probably everyone in the world, really don't want to deal with, think about, or admit that there is any kind of real problem in the world. But now, unavoidably so, they must begin to see is staring them right in the face by all the experts beginning to preach it. And therein lies the scary part.

When people become scared they become very unpredictable. The wide range of reactions can be to incite violence or create a withdrawal into oneself. It can bring out the best of people...and the most evil of brutality. What will we face with our neighbors, our fellow Americans, other Mormons and potentiall…

Draconid Meteor Shower Dazzles the Sky Saturday [Photo]

Draconid Meteor Shower Dazzles the Sky Saturday [Photo]
By IBTimes Staff Reporter | Oct 08, 2011 10:42 PM EDT The Draconid meteor shower, last seen in 2005, emerged Saturday with shooting stars seen dazzling in the night sky.
NASA experts estimated there would be 500 to 1,000 meteors per hour, though the sun and moon in the United States were expected to block most of the spectacular show there.
The best parts of the world to watch the Draconid meteor shower Saturday night were the Middle East, North Africa, and Europe. A picture captured near Stockholm, Sweden, pictured here, shows a purple night sky and shooting stars at the Farnebofjardens national park.
Astronomer Paul Weigart of the University of Western Ontario said this year the Draconids would peak at 1,000 per hour, and had encouraged people to look up on Saturday night.
"Meteor showers are as difficult to predict as rain showers," he said. "The Draconids have surprised us before, and they may do so again."