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Evidence Builds: Deadly Gravity Wave Approaching Earth

Evidence Builds: Deadly Gravity Wave Approaching Earth

Wednesday, October 12, 2011 8:45

Gigantic gravitational waves up to 100 billion light years long could be warping the universe into a twisted maze compressing and squeezing out the edges of space-time like an old rag being wrung dry. Now evidence is mounting that one of these rogue waves may be on its way towards Earth...
100 billion light year long gravity waves pushing and twisting the universe outward? That's the astounding theory being proposed by some astrophysicists to explain why space is inflating at different rates in different regions.

Immense gravity waves may be warping everything
Universe anomalies puzzled scientists for years
The scientists' hypothesis may have arrived like an interstellar cavalry for harried cosmologists. The theory of almost everything has been slipping towards almost nothing.
Careful measurements of the universe's expansion (called inflation) have revealed alarming anomalies. Not every r…

Record Earth Shaking News!

Record Earth Shaking News! The number of dangerous earthquakes recorded worldwide so far in 2011 has reached record new levels, according to research conducted by iWeather Online (IWO).

By analysing data from the US Geological Survey (USGS), IWO was able to determine that earthquake activity (6.0-9.9 magnitude) during the period 01 January to 12 October 2011 reached its highest level in 20 years. The 2011 data was compared with data for the corresponding period in each of the 19 previous years since 1992.

A total of 177 earthquakes in the range 6.0 to 10 magnitude on the Richter Scale have been recorded so far in 2011, compared to 149 for the same period in 2010 and 119 in 2009.

Recent earthquakes exceeding 6 magnitude on the Richter Scale have occurred in Tonga (08 Oct), northern Argentina (06 Oct), India/Nepal (18 Oct), Cuba (15 Sept), northern Sumatra (05 Sept), Vanuatu (03 Sept), Alaska (02 Sept), and East Timor (30 Aug).

Interestingly, the total number of earthquakes (magnitude 0-…