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The elite have a time line for 2012

The elite have a time line for 2012 will be the most momentous in 2000 years.

They want to create massive debt before they have a crash. The media is being intentionally misled. The european union is in trouble. There are riots in the street. The elite want to create that type of a debt that you're seeing in Greece. They want it created in EVERY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD.

Greece - they want Greece to be bailed out every way imaginable in such massive debt. Their bonds are being bought knowing that they are going to default. Millions are going to Bank of America. The elite are buying because they know that when Greece defaults, they will own the entire country. They don't want to control just people, but the whole country. This is the NWO control. They never intend for the money to be paid back.

California - Why are they allowing the state of California to get in such horrible condition? They bail them out intentionally because when they finally are forced to default, they (NWO) w…

Collapse of Gadianton Globalist Western Society and the Millennium

What's more, between the collapse of Gadianton Globalist Western Society and the Millennium we have New Jerusalem to look forward to. Surely marriages, children being born, education, etc. will be part of New Jerusalem.

The collapse of society will probably contribute to the great tribulation out of which a great multitude clothed in white emerge (Rev. 7). These tribulations are scheduled for the close of the sixth seal and will be endured by all. However, I believe an attribute of those emerging from great tribulations clothed in white is to continue living life as normally as possible.

Normal living may become even more difficult once the destructions of the seventh seal begin. Apparently, persecutions become so extreme that the saints enter the seventh seal praying to heaven for deliverence (Rev. 8 ). I assume they are praying for deliverence since an angel with a golden cepter takes their prayers to heaven and returns to pour destruction out of his ceptor upon the wicked.