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Stake President Declared!

Stake President Declared

Today in stake conference our stake president urged us to "disavow the idea that the world is full of wicked people." He declared that while there is a very vocal minority of wicked people, the world is still basically full of good and sincere people.
As he said these things (and I really paraphrased to the best of my ability), the Spirit powerfully confirmed the truth of his words.
Something of Great importance was going to be focused on. It seems that for the last couple months, since General Conference, there's been a HUGE push for Missionary Work. We're being given tools to expand our understanding of the Gospel, and we're being given opportunities to bear our testimony in ways never before dreamed of!
I think this is the last BIG push before the bad stuff happens. I DO believe there are still LOTS of really good people out there searching for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We have to find them before it's too late! I don't w…

Press Release: New information on Book of Daniel Prophecy Fulfilled!

Press Release: New information on Book of Daniel Prophecy Fulfilled!
Bible Scholar Claims Iran’s Ayatollah Khamenei May Be “Fourth King of Persia” As Described in the Bible Book of DanielPress release – Nov. 1, 2011
Gilbert, Arizona – After more than a decade of study and observation, Bible Scholar, Lowell Taylor claims that Iran’s Ayatollah Khamenei may be one of the Eight Kings of Persia in the last-days described by the prophet Daniel.
Taylor claims "A new chapter in the earth’s history has begun! From here on, there will be no more major gaps of prophetic kings and events leading up to the return of Christ in glory."
Taylor examined the accounts of both John the Revelator and the prophet Daniel who saw and described a succession of eight kings leading up to the return of Christ in glory. “They both saw the same eight kings.” Taylor says “Daniel even told us which country they are from and described the last 5 kings and the roles they play up to the return of Jesus Christ in…

"A David" that would rise up to save the Church in the latter days.

"A David" that would rise up to save the Church in the latter days. I am reading "Unlocking Isaiah in the Book of Mormon" by Victor L. Ludlow. I just read the commentary on 2 Nephi 21:1/Isaiah 11:1 about the "Rod out of the Stem of Jesse."

Bro. Ludlow provides 3 scriptures from the old testament to shed some light on this verse:

Daniel 11:7
Jeremiah 23:5-6
Hosea 3:5

And then this quote from Joseph Smith:

"Although David was a king, he never did obtain the spirit and power of Elijah and the fullness of the Priesthood.....The throne and kingdom of David is to be taken from him and given to another by the name of David in the last days." History of the Church 6:253

I have heard of this mighty David of the last day a few years ago. Definitely worth some extra study and research.