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Great Changes for Everyone during the Millennium Period.

The first and foremost is the change of the earth axis which will cause a very lush planet like the Garden of Eden. This alone will be so neat that we will forget the way the earth used to be.
Once the knowledge of the Lord fills the earth there will be amazing amounts of information and learning available. In the universities there will be a Urim and Thummim which can be accessed for higher learning.
The New Jerusalem will be a very spectacular place to be. Not only beautiful but the Lord's Spirit will be there.
During the Millennium the Holy Ghost will finally be able to receive a body (however I'm not sure at which point that will be). Wouldn't that be interesting to meet Him and learn more of Him?
IMO there will be new modes of transportation. Vehicles with internal combustion engines will be a thing of the past and the grandchildren will wonder in amazement at how slow and unreliably we traveled. They will be amazed at how many men actually made that mechanical automo…