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The euro's last-minute print job (Reminds me of..Rev. 18:19 "They will throw dust on their heads and with tears and groans: 'Mourn for this great city (Babylon) whose lavish living has made a fortune ... ruined within a single hour.'"

The euro's last-minute print job
Robert Gottliebsen

Published 8:11 AM, 17 Nov 2011 Last update 10:35 AM, 17 Nov 2011

Last night I spent time with a number of investment bankers who are closely connected to the European scene. What I learned surprised me and showed me how Australia could quickly become deeply involved in any worsening of the European crisis.

But I also learned that the investment bankers and their European connections have worked out what they believe will be the end game for the European crisis, although everyone agrees that there are no certainties.


What I did not know was that French/German bankers (my sources will not name the actual country because it might give the game away) have been visiting their Australian subsidiary inquiring whether it would be possible to unload the entire Australian exposures quickly if there was a European banking crisis. They were told a massive quick sale would be very difficult and would involve steep discounts.

My investment bank…

FULFILLMENT OF PROPHECY? How close are we in becoming classed among the wicked cities in the world?

FULFILLMENT OF PROPHECY? How close are we in becoming classed among the wicked cities in the world?

I am of the opinion that we are seeing the fulfillment of prophecy of Heber C Kimball. Here are the words of J. Golden Kimball, in a conference address in 1930, quoting the words of his father spoken in 1868:
“After a while the Gentiles will gather by the thousands to this place, and Salt Lake City will be classed among the wicked cities of the world. A spirit of speculation and extravagance will take possession of the Saints, and the results will be financial bondage.”

The word RISE is being used in a slogan for the massive construction project in downtown Salt Lake. It is called “Downtown RISING,” where billions of dollars have been spent on the new retail shopping center, office space, restaurants, and condominiums that are scheduled to open on spring equinox in 2012. A spokesman for this real estate development is calling next year “the Year of Retail.”
Below is a photo of the high …