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The Book of Mormon, Occupy Wall Street, and the Magnum Opus

The Book of Mormon, Occupy Wall Street, and the Magnum Opus by Rozan Kitchen

We are at a critical time in this nation's history. To illustrate, let us look for a moment at an event described in the Book of Mormon. In the year 62 B.C. a part of the American continent was populated by a people called the Nephites. They were ruled by judges that were elected by the voice of the people, and enjoyed a great deal of freedom, not unlike those outlined in the U.S. Constitution. A movement was growing among the people to change their system of government. This leaderless movement wanted to alter the law and establish a king. The secret driving force behind the movement were people who were of higher birth, and they had hopes of being appointed rulers over the people. Those that wanted to maintain their free form of government were called freemen, while those that were agitating for change, were the king-men. This issue was placed before the Nephites for a vote, and the majority were please…

Prophets tell us how to be ready for a place of safety

Prophets tell us how to be ready for a place of safety The key to be ready for a callout. The principle is called many things, but we will start off calling it "the principle of union" Here are some quotes to ponder.

Teachings of Lorenzo Snow, p.151
The Saints will be preserved as Noah was. We should understand that the Lord has provided, when the days of trouble come upon the nations, a place for you and me, and we will be preserved as Noah was preserved: not in an ark, but we will be preserved by going into these principles of union by which we can accomplish the work of the Lord and surround ourselves with those things that will preserve us from the difficulties that are now coming upon the world, the judgments of the Lord. (5 October 1900, CR, pp. 4-5.)

 We learn from the previous quote that we will be preserved by the principles of union. So what are they?

Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, Section Six 1843-44 p.313
If I esteem mankind to be in error, shall I bear them do…

The "Hollow Earth" theory, the plasma model and Mormon theology.

The "Hollow Earth" theory, the plasma model and Mormon theology. This guy raises a lot of valid and interesting points....


 There is evidence, lots of it, TONS OF IT, that the hollow earth theory is correct and that the solid earth theory is false. There are reasons to believe both models  that the evidentiary scales tipped waaaay in favor of the hollow earth theory. The two top hollow earth researchers,  mention below have each written a 600page book on the topic.

 I believe that the Earth, the moon, the planets, their moons, the Sun and the stars are probably all hollow spheres, with inner suns most likely at their centers. I believe that polar openings likely exist on all these globes. I believe that the conditions for life are naturally contained within each sphere, on the inner surfaces with the inner suns shining, and not on the outer surfaces, with an outer Sun shining. This is similar to how we build houses, …