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Satan wants you to miss this KEY TO BEING READY!

Satan wants you to miss this KEY TO BEING READY! Don't Miss this Key!

The early saints at the time of Joseph Smith/Brigham Young did the same thing... they got so caught up in the events of the day and watching the signs of the times being fulfilled, that some had the same challenge we have today...

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Early Saints and the Millennium

By Glen M. Leonard
Today’s challenge

"For Latter-day Saints in the twentieth century, the advice is still applicable. While continuing to watch for signs of the times and while remaining aware of some of the places that will play special roles in the last days, the Church has concentrated its efforts on preparing a righteous people for the Second Coming. Church members are wise to avoid entanglement in the unknowns of time and place; there is much to do befo…

Our decade from hell will get worse in 2012..(2012-2020 A.D. Forecast)

Our decade from hell will get worse in 2012

Commentary: Market crash, political gridlock, revolution, new class wars

By Paul B. Farrell, MarketWatch
SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. (MarketWatch) — Fasten your seat belts: 2011 was far worse than expected. Our earlier predictions for America’s Worst Decade just got worse.

As financial historian Niall Ferguson writes in Newsweek: “Double-Dip Depression … We forget that the Great Depression was like a soccer match, there were two halves.” The 1929 crash kicked off the first half. But what “made the depression truly ‘great’ …began with the European banking crisis of 1931.” Sound familiar?

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Lumps of Coal for mutual funds

Commodity Futures Trading Corp, Invesco Technology Sector, Aston Value are among companies Chuck Jaffe has singled out to give his Lumps of Coal awards.

Yes, huge warnings: But America’s deaf. In denial. When we predicted the 2011-2020 “decade from hell” we didn’t see the big macro events dead ahead: Arab Spring vi…