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China: River Turns Red

China: River Turns RedAn Establishment Excuse was provided, but how can anyone be so certain what caused another river to turn red?  Wouldn't it take a whole lot of illegally released red dye to do this?

************************************************ Beijing (CNN) -- Earlier this week, the Jian River that runs through the city of Luoyang, Henan province in northern China, turned bloody red. Local media started receiving panicky phone calls from citizens on Tuesday morning saying that the water of the Jian River near their neighborhood has become blood-like overnight. The eerie sheen on the river lasted for nearly two days before local government officials managed to track down the source of pollutant: an illegal workshop dumping red dye into the city's storm water pipe network connecting the river. Luoyang Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau cut off the workshop's power supply immediately and conducted a thorough examination, state-run Xinhua news agency reported. Worker…

To This End Was I Born Part 3


The Hitman Cometh: America to be 'War Zone'

Very Interesting ... timing, statements. The stage is set and ALL pieces are in place to "force" the people to beg to be saved. The banks will loan even less money now, higher qualifications after draining the financial reserves through the real estate bust, the financial crisis, followed by the unemployment nightmare, "gun running", the European crisis and so on.

A simple turn on the financial spigot and money stops flowing to the people who are clinging on for dear life just trying to survive. Then the PTB step in and offer to save us all... We're from the government and we're here to help.

God help us all!

Consider it in light of this article from American Thinker: (especially red highlighted areas: NOTICE the BOLD RED : No need to declare martial law).

As I read the article below, I was remined of Moroni and the gadiantons and the final struggle of the Nephites. Pretty sobering times.

The Hitman Cometh: America to be 'War Zone'

ByJohn Griffing

An o…

On a roll! The incredible tsunami of 'wave' clouds that had all eyes on the skies

Wednesday, Dec 21 2011

On a roll! The incredible tsunami of 'wave' clouds that had all eyes on the skies

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 10:40 PM on 20th December 2011
All eyes were trained on the sky over Alabama last week as eerie wave clouds rolled over the state.

The surreal event was captured on camera phones last Friday afternoon in Birmingham and is called a Kelvin–Helmholtz instability.
It normally occurs in regions with vast plains where winds quickly change speed creating turbulence. A fast-moving, lighter density cloud slides on top of a slower, thicker layer, dragging out the surface and creating the wave effect.
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Phenomenon: The 'wave' clouds unfurl over an airport near Birmingham, Alabama last week

On a roll: The strange clouds which appeared over Birmingham, Alabama are called a Kelvin-Helmholtz instability

People across the southern state captured pictures and video of the unusual sight and sent them to local weather stations a…

Revelation 18, the End of the Gold Standard, and the Desolation of America

Revelation 18, the End of the Gold Standard, and the Desolation of America
I am personally convinced that Revelations 18 describes the fall of America. It is clear from the Bible that in the last days that America does not play a significant role. I believe that Revelation 18 describes why. I also believe what Skousen asserts in "The Cleansing of America" that America is destroyed, cleansed, and sealed off from the rest of the world while New Jerusalem and Zion are established here, in preparation for the return of the Savior.

In analyzing how the downfall came to be, it seems very clear to me that it is at first financial and it was cause by Nixon's abolition of the Gold Standard on 15 August, 1971. It states "For in one hour so great riches is come to nought." One hour in the Lord's time is 41.67 years. If my premise is correct (and I believe it is), this means that America's riches would be pretty much obliterated by early to mid April, 2013, dependi…

Absolute Truth, Ensign (LDS Church Magazine) 1979 Than President, Spencer W. Kimball

Absolute Truth

President Spencer W. KimballEnsign September 1979

I wrote, some time ago, a letter to a disbeliever. Much of what was said in that letter has been on my mind lately and I wish to share the substance of those thoughts. With that explanation you will better understand the point of view assumed and the style in which it is given. Writing to this young man, who was battling with his thoughts, I said:
Dear John: Your resistance and argument against the truths of the gospel have given me grave concern.
I realize I cannot convince you against your will, but I know I can help you if you will only listen and let me call to your attention some salient truths, and if you will listen with a prayer and a desire to know that what I say is true. I would not, even if I could, force your thinking, for free agency is the basic law of God and each one must assume the responsibility for his own response; but certainly each of us must do his part in influencing for good those who might nee…