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In relation to a coming catastrophe

In relation to a coming catastrophe you need to choose whether you believe the common fairy tale that mankind suddenly and miraculously appeared a few thousand years ago or not. If so you will probably underestimate what's about to happen. If not, you will need to respect the very fact that civilization only goes back a few thousand years though genetics and common sense suggests mankind must've been around far far longer, even hundreds of thousands of years back. So where are those peoples? Gone. Dead. Even traces of them destroyed to the extent that in the end all we see of them are the Sphinx, some pyramids, landing sites in the Andes, the Bible, etc. All this suggests destruction that caught everyone off guard and no one unprepared survived, and probably even most prepared folks.
You need to ask yourself, how stupid do you think they were? Hubris kills. Just because you think you're smarter than the billions who went before us doesn't mean it's true. No one want…

How I Selected The 10 Best Places To Survive In America

How I Selected The 10 Best Places To Survive In America Here’s some of the criteria I used to come up with my list.
The single biggest factor was the price of real estate. Hey, the best place to survive in America isn’t worth squat if you can’t afford to buy a place there! And for anyone who has lived a self reliant lifestyle, you know that you can make it happen nearly anyplace as long as you have some determination and knowledge. It will also help if you have a solid work ethic.
Next, I looked at the climate. While not a big factor, it has to be taken into account. While some may prefer the dry heat of the deserts, others prefer the cooler temps of the upper midwest.
Another criteria that I looked at is the availability of natural resources. If a collapse or other type of man made disaster were to strike, then the availability of natural resources will suddenly become very important to a lot of folks.
So without further delay, here are my choices of the Top 25 places to Survive in …