Dream of the Cleansing of America
Yohani Wolfgram
A dream that he had in 1989 seeing the future of America as told to a close friend.
It was a dream of the cleansing of America.
Here are a few salient points that he mentioned:
* The Big economic collapse which leads to chaos will occur in the last year of the 2nd term of the son of George Bush who will become president.
* There will be a great drought at about this same time all over the
* Many in the 'Church' will become unrighteous and apostatize.
* There will be a nuclear bomb or bombs go off in Northern Utah that will
affect as far south as the Salt Lake Valley.
* Hundreds of millions of foreign troops (Chinese, Russians, Germans, Latin Americans, etc. according to other prophecies) will invade America.
* The main foreign force (in the Nevada/Utah/Rocky Mountain area) will be Chinese or Chinese looking troops mixed with Latin American troops.
* He said that in the third year of the second term of President Bush, the U.S. economy would collapse, which in turn would cause a series of events, including an invasion of foreign troops on U.S. soil.
* Someone commenting that the patriarch must mean that President Bush (the 1st Pres. Bush) would be re-elected. Patriarch Wolfgramm then replied (remember, this is 1989) that it wasn't that Pres. Bush, but that it was the son of Pres. Bush who would become president that he was referring to.

The following is some information provided by Gail Smith of Utah, and others who claim to have recieved some disturbing visions of the future of America...
Gail has stated that she has had dreams/visions of what may be destined to be the greatest military ground battle in the history of the world, which will take place in the NEVADA DESERT between Eastern and Western military forces, following a MASSIVE invasion force from the Pacific Ocean which will totally devastate California, and also other forces moving in from Alaska and Mexico. So, according to many different sources who have had dreams and visions, the sequence of events will be something like this: 1) The U.S. ships troops to Korea, possibly to fight a Communist re-insurgance there into South Korea; 2) An October Wall Street economic collapse (2006?); 3) A long-lasting earthquake ten days later in Utah and the western Rockies; 4) A devastating quake that will raise the floor of Lake Michigan fiften days following the first quake in the west, emptying the contents of the lake and flooding surrounding cities; 5) Within days of the second quake the Chinese will nuke west coast cities from submarines, while the Russians nuke east coast cities from subs also; 6) The Chinese forces will invade the west coast in droves and destroy most of California, and engage U.S. forces in the Nevada desert... perhaps the greatest military ground battle in the history of the world, and the Red Chinese forces will eventually be halted near the Sierra Nevada mountains - with more than a little help from 'divine intervention' due to the prayers of Americans who have realized that this battle will not be won on their feet, but on their knees... since the physical war will be a mere reflexion of the REAL war taking place between the standing and fallen angellic forces; 7) The Russians (and and other East block countries) will invade the east coast following the nuclear attack on the east coastal cities, and will plow a path of destruction through the eastern states, however they will eventually be halted near the Missouri River by U.S. forces...
Many visions state that the halting of the Chinese in the west and the Russians in the east will mostly be the result of divine intervention.
Many who have been shown the invasion of the US have seen that the invading forces, after accomplishing great destruction, will be stopped by divine intervention and themselves destroyed and/or driven back. One man was told that the invasion would occur after the US ships troops to Korea.
(Note: Another source confirms that many if not most of our U.S. troops will be involved in a foreign war: The following, from the Yahoo Group 'FAB Codes', seems to suggest that one of the men behind this impending invasion of America is the 'Black Pope' of Rome [See: http://www.chick.com - which confirms that Communism was secretly created by the Jesuits] - This Jesuit General intends to destroy Protestant America from the face of the earth, using the Jesuit's puppets of Russia and China, and other European countries under it's control. Here is some information from the group http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Fab_Codes/ describing the working of this evil society: According to Phelps [author on a book about the Black Pope], the battle lines are clearly drawn in 2006 as nuclear war in Iran is looming on the horizon. He also claims the American military, mired in Iraq, will be stretched to the limit when the war expands in the Middle East, culminating in the invasion of foreign troops on American soil with no defense.)
Americans must be honest with themselves... occultism, abortion, greed, homosexuality, willful decieption, etc., have provoked God's WRATH and removed His PROTECTIVE SHIELD from around the United States. There are many Godly people in America, yes, but also many who have sold out to the ways of Babylon. So the removal of God's protecting hand because of America's wickedness, due to these apostates, will ALLOW her enemies to come in...
One visionary who saw the Russians moving west, saw that they made it to the Missouri River before being stopped by divine intervention. He also saw the Chinese moving east through California and being stopped near the Sierra Nevada mountains after devastating much of the state of California... and many others have also had similar visions... this halting of enemy forces was also due to divine intervention.
It would not be the American military alone who stops the invasion, nor psychological warfare, but the SPIRITUAL WARFARE of those prayer-warriors who get on their knees and bind the demonic powers that are motivating the enemy, and plead for the intervention of the angellic warriors. This is a combined spiritual, mental, and physical warfare... with the importance of the battlefields being in that order: spiritual, mental, and physical.
George Washington saw in his vision that there will be a time of enemy invasion happen BEFORE the ANGELIC INVASION occurs, which probably means that by the time the angellic invasion occurs, humbled American prayer-warriors will have fought great battles in the spiritual realm.
"American" is not a racial state or term, but an ideological one, since America is a composite of freedom-lovers from all over the world and from every racial identity... These prayer warriors will have faught their spiritual battles to the point where the Angelic forces at last break through as the light of a thousand suns piercing the darkness, as General George Washington observed in his vision.
Some people have seen in visons that eventually near the end of the war, Russia and China will blame each other for their losses and attack each other, and their respective empires will fall, as their political power-centers collapse. ["Evil shall slay the wicked." - Psalm 34:21].
However some have actually 'seen' this invasion of America, and the aftermath, involving the collapse of the Chinese and Russian empires... and have stated that God will not be through with those two countries, but will pour out His spirit on their remnants (mostly the women and the young children) and will raise up lights in the midst of the darkness of chaos and anarchy that will grip those countries following their collapse, and great revivals will break out once the demonized governments have fallen and collapsed -- just as the 'reptilian' demonic-Illuminati elements within the American government will have been purged away by the war -- and that the missionaries who will rise up as the result of these revivals will spread throughout the whole earth, and lead multitudes to Christ, the source of all LIFE...
(According to some, this will also be due to the FALL of the last Roman 'emperor' - also known as the 'Antichrist' - who will lead a 10 nation European alliance that will ally itself with Russia and China and support the invasion of America)
Another who recieved words of prophecy for America stated that on the West coast, Chinese forces will advance from the beaches of the State of Washington to Olympia, Washington, moving due south to Portland, Oregon, and from there to Pendleton, Oregon and to Boise, Idaho. The Chinese - Japanese forces landing on the Baja California (Mexico) area will move over the border to Los Angeles, California, and from there east to Phoenix, Arizona, to Tucson, Arizona; to Las Cruces, New Mexico, to El Paso, Texas. The Chinese will send another force from Los Angeles up the coast to San Francisco, and advance from there to Reno, Nevada; to Winnemucca, Nevada - to Salt Lake City, Utah; to Rock Springs, Wyoming to Cheyenne, Wyoming, to North Platte, Nebraska, to Grand Island, Nebraska.
These are the main fighting zones. By checking a Road Atlas, you can quickly see the main highways they will follow, and whether or not your dwellings are in a fighting zone or a by-passed zone. Although there will be others, these are the major lines along which most of the battles will take place. No nuclear weapons will fall in the areas devastated by the earthquake.
(Note: As for Colorado and Utah - and the western Rockies - based on certain 'revelations' it seems that the Chinese may reach parts of this area, however great natural disasters - such as earthquakes and the breaking of resevoir dams - will devastate much of this area, so the incursion of enemy forces may not be complete, as they may consider that the natural disasters are doing most of the work for them...)

For more on the prophecies-dreams-visions of Geroge Washington and MANY OTHERS on the 'Red Dawn Invasion', see:


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