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ALERT - Nuclear Christmas ?!?

Nuclear Christmas, false flag in America to blame on Iran

There are strong confirmations that one or more nuclear weapons, known to have been stolen but kept from the public to “prevent panic,” may well be deployed in American cities by extremist elements with probable ties to a foreign intelligence agency.

This scenario was the basis of the television show “Jericho” several years ago. However, this time there are real culprits and real motivations, both the overthrow of the government of the United States and the naming of Iran as a “scapegoat.”

The plot has been tracked to groups within the Pentagon, several government agencies and wealthy and powerful extremist backers of Netanyahu and, in particular, the “Gulf Cartel” operating from Mexico that has penetrated nearly all levels of government, law enforcement and the military across the country.

Using surprisingly direct language, President Obama has officially con…

The Giant Currency Superstorm That Is Coming To The Shores Of America Wh...

The Giant Currency Superstorm That Is Coming To The Shores Of America When The Dollar Dies

By recklessly printing, borrowing and spending money, our authorities are absolutely shredding confidence in the U.S. dollar. The rest of the world is watching this nonsense, and at some point they are going to give up on the U.S. dollar and throw their hands up in the air. When that happens, it is going to be absolutely catastrophic for the U.S. economy. Right now, we export a lot of our inflation. Each year, we buy far more from the rest of the world than they buy from us, and so the rest of the world ends up with giant piles of U.S. dollars. This works out pretty well for them, because the U.S. dollar is the primary reserve currency of the world and is used in international trade far more than any other currency is. Back in 1999, the percentage of foreign exchange reserves in U.S. dollars peaked at 71 percent, and since then it …

World News - 'Red tide' closes Australian beaches

The Red Sea in Australia? NO WAY!...Check the Photos..

Tuesday, Nov 27 20123PM 7°C 6PM 6°C 5-Day Forecast

The crimson tide: Tourists in Australia flee as Bondi Beach turns into the 'Red Sea' because of rare algae bloom
Beaches closed over health fears but some swimmers are braving the water
Phenomenon caused when tiny plants flourish due to unusual conditions
They can appear in various colours often with spectacular results
Algae is high in ammonia which can cause skin rashes and eye irritation
Large numbers of fish are believed to have perished

By Daniel Miller and Richard Shears
PUBLISHED: 04:47 EST, 27 November 2012 | UPDATED: 08:02 EST, 27 November 2012

Tourists heading for world-famous Bondi Beach were left high and dry today after a rare natural phenomenon turned the water blood red.
Bondi was among several popular beaches in and around Sydney, Australia, which had to be closed after a huge algae bloom transformed the sea into something resembling a scene from a…

Wise Men Still Seek Him



A Very Indepth Look At The Hard Truth Of Where We Are In A Society Meldown~

Marc Faber: Massive Wealth Destruction Will Eventually Hit Investors

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Surviving 2012-2013 & The Coming Years In North America, Europe & The Re...

How To Survive The Upcoming Dollar & World Economic Collapse & World War 3, ie;(The 13th Month War: Revelations Chp.9) In North America, Europe & The Rest Of The World

Pope elevates 6 cardinals to choose successor - St. Malachy Prophecy Petrus Romanus?

Published November 24, 2012
Associated Press

VATICAN CITY – Six new cardinals on Saturday joined the elite club of red-robed churchmen who will elect the next pope, bringing a more geographically diverse mix into the European-dominated College of Cardinals.

Pope Benedict XVI presided over the ceremony in St. Peter's Basilica to formally elevate the six men, who hail from Colombia, India, Lebanon, Nigeria, the Philippines and the United States. As Benedict read each name aloud in Latin, cheers and applause erupted from their friends and family members in the pews.

The ceremony was both joyful and emotional: Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Tagle, seen by many to be a rising star in the church, visibly choked up as …

The Second Coming Of Jesus Christ - The End Times

Patriotic Millionaires Unmasked

By: Peter Schiff
Tuesday, November 20, 2012
Despite the breathless post-election “think pieces” that have drawn sweeping and deeply considered conclusions about the political drift of the country, at its core President Obama’s re-election is easy to understand. He essentially promised millions of middle and working class voters that if he were to be re-elected, they would receive benefits paid for by the rich. You don’t need to read a Time Magazine cover story to untangle this political strategy. Now that he has been given a second term, Obama needs to deliver the goods by raising taxes on the rich and only the rich. He will be “asking” them to pay their “fair share,” (as if “asking” and “fairness” have anything to do with it). In reality the wealthy already pay taxes at a much higher rate than average Americans and in many cases will now have to pay more than half of their income in federal, state, and local taxes.

While most people would as…

Consider the Blessings

President Thomas S. Monson
Watch, listen to, or read the full address on

The Day the World Ended - WW3 Simulation

Published on Nov 21, 2012 by
In order to watch Part 2, Visit:

Israel Strikes Iranian Nuclear Sites In New WW3 Simulation

The Day The World Ended - WW3 Simulation by, a top trends research newsletter, has released a World War 3 simulation video, "The Day The World Ended." The purpose of this simulation is to show people just how fast things could get ugly if we go to war with Iran. During the simulation, oil prices spike to $130 per barrel, but by the end of the day are trading for $405. Gold and silver become unavailable as the world floods into safety as oil prices force a systemic economic collapse. Riots, civil unrest, and drastic government action are taken during the start of this war. helps many investors strategically look at how future trends and scenarios will help or hurt their portfolio. This simulation is not an exact prediction, however FutureMone…

Keep USA Great - Escape

Published on Nov 21, 2012 by - Luke 21:36 gives us hope in the words "Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man."

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SOLA 5.3 Fractional Reserve Theft

Video Rebel's Blog
The Louisiana Sinkhole, The New Madrid Earthquake And The Dollar Collapseby horse237There is a sinkhole in Louisiana's Assumption Parish (county) that could bring America to its knees. The first video below is 15 minutes long. It uses mainstream news to give us a background on salt dome sinkholes. It neglects the information the shorter video contains. That sinkhole is made from collapsing salt domes that are being used as storage for the US Strategic Energy Preserve and contains 18.5 million barrels of butane stored there at the request of the federal government. Why anyone would store butane near the Gulf of Mexico and the Mississippi river is a question that will be asked more than once after it blows sky high. Hint to the federal government: Water dissolves salt which causes enormous sinkholes. The salt dome caverns are twice the height of the Empire State building. One of the caverns is unintentionally filling up with oil. That first video al…

God's Feast Days and the Second Coming of Messiah (Part 1 of 2)

The "feasts of the Lord" foreshadow both the first and second coming of the Messiah. Learn how the fall feasts reveal much more about the nature of Christ's return than most would imagine.
Please see for more details.

Now, Their Are Two Powerful Books That I Feel Will Only Assist You As The Time Comes For The Great Entrance Of The Lord-

He is ComingAn electromagnetic pulse rips through America initiating the plague spoken of in the Book of Revelation. Death takes no prisoners, yet ironically it liberates the captive Saints from persecution. A new American society emerges, flying banners of freedom based on the original Constitution of the United States. A different, fiercely righteous people return from the north and join with the Saints as they re-establish a republic. The lost tribes bring with them miracles, gifts and unstoppable, deadly defenses to protect the tent cities from rogue land pirates that roam the land. For the Rogers' …

11/14/2012 -- Global Earthquake Overview -- Multiple points of unrest --...

6.4magnitude earthquake strikes Kuril Islands: 8th major quake in eight days
Posted on November 17, 2012

November 16, 2012KURIL ISLANDS -A powerful earthquake that struck the Kuril Islands in the northwestern Pacific this morning did not generate a Pacific-wide tsunami, the US Geological Survey said. The 6.4-magnitude tremor occurred at 8:12 a.m. Hawaii time at a depth of 18 miles. Its epicenter was in an 810-mile volcanic archipelago located between Japan and Russia which separates the Sea of Okhotsk from the North Pacific Ocean. The USGS describes the area as among the most seismically active in the world. The islands mark the location of the Kuril-Kamchatka tectonic arc, a subduction zone interface between the overriding North America plate and the Pacific plate. The area has been the site of frequent earthquakes including seven since 1900 of 8.3 magnitude or greater. This is the eighth 6.0+ magnitude earthquake to rattle the planet in the last 8 days. –Big Island No…

Marc Faber - Who Will Destroy The World?

I don't know that we've been told to be ready in all things, but we were told by Elder Cook this conference that we are expected to be prepared for many things:

"The scriptures and modern prophets have made it clear that there will be lean years and plentiful years. The Lord expects us to be prepared for many of the challenges that come."

No one ever regrets being too prepared.

The federal government is intentionally killing the dollar for the express purpose of ending the US debt.

 The entire federal income tax goes just to the interest on our debt. We assume more debt to pay the interest on the debt we already have (because without that the income tax would be paying for things that we instead have to use debt to pay).

If you look at the strange decisions that have been made in the last few years (and especially the last few months), I can find no other explanation than that they are intentionally killing the dollar. Either they are incredibly stupid, wh…

Wicked Times Are Here (More Evidence Too Be Alert-)

A call for a 2nd Revolution has been issued!

Why The States Must Secede To Save America

Declaration of Independence 2.0: Restoring the Republic

November 15, 2012

Radio host Alex Jones today called for a second American Revolution led by states who would secede from the federal government and reconstitute the Republic under the terms of the Declaration of Independence, bill of rights and constitution.
The call for Americans to rally behind a restoration of the Republic and the bill of rights comes on the back of a burgeoning secessionist movement that has swept the country with residents from all 50 states submitting petitions to the White House calling for states to withdraw from the union and form their own independent governments. The petitions have received a combined number of signatures totaling over a million.
During his nationwide broadcast today, Jones laid out the battle plan for secession, emphasizing that states must first secede from the federal govern…

Israel calls up reservists, gets ready for Gaza invasion (More Rumors Of War)

News Alert.....The Iron Dome..Israel.on the brink of full scale war with Hamas...Photos..

Friday, Nov 16 20123AM 59°F6AM57°F5-Day Forecast
The moment Israel's 'Iron Dome' took out a Hamas missile above Tel Aviv as 22 people - including babies - are killed in Gaza rocket exchange
Rockets fired from Gaza are intercepted by Israel's advanced missile technology
Defence minister says Palestinian militants will 'pay the price' as military says 30,000 reserve troops can be deployed
A rocket landed in Rishon Lezion, a city just south of Tel Aviv located in heavily-populated central Israel
Claims of hit was denied as 'psychological propaganda' by the Israel Defence Forces
Gaza militants had previously hit the city in 2009 fighting

By David Williams, Jill Reilly and Sam Webb
PUBLISHED:11:32 EST, 15 November 2012| UPDATED:18:55 EST, 15 November 2012
Israel tonight stood on the brink of full-scale war with Hamas as thousands of troops were deployed to the border w…