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MEGAQUAKE March 22, 2012 (Warning For Your Loved Ones)


NWO Saving The Elite - 2012 Bunkers NASA Is Hiding

NWO Saving The Elite - 2012 Bunkers NASA Is Hiding

Herein, Gov. Jesse Ventura echoes a grave warning from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (N.A.S.A.) and the National Academy of Science: namely, record-level solar flares and coronal mass ejections will *soon* destroy the world's power grids. Consequently, all broadcast transmitters will suddenly go dead, very likely within a matter of months — and all radio and TV receivers will also go dead, suddenly and unexpectedly. Only those broadcast transmitters and receivers that have independent power supplies will operate.
On FOX-TV News, physicist Dr. Michio Kaku echoes the warning from N.A.S.A. and the N.A.S.

NWO Saving The Elite 2012 Bunkers NASA Is Hiding broadcaster Barb Adams echoes these warnings from the United States Government and from Dr. Michio Kaku:
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What if ... we don't enjoy life and worry way to much

My FIL died a little over a week ago. I didn't make it to his funeral, but sent his daughter and our children to say goodbye for now-

He didn't ... worry to much about seeking for safety he just kept the commandments.
He didn't ... rely on preparations, he didn't have much possessions. He didn't rely on institutions or church leaders, he just minded his own business.

He did ... submit his will to God, he went to Church and tried to fulfil his callings.
He may ... have been deceived, he didn't fixate on the Second Coming.
He may ... have been one of the foolish virgins, but now it probably doesn't matter.
He wasn't ... prepared physically, but now it doesn't really matter, he was prepared spiritually.
He wasn't ... awake as defined by this site. In fact he didn't really think about Preparing that much, he just lived life and didn't worry too much about what his fellowman was doing.

He didn't have to be "changed" to get throu…