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Prayers Answered and Scriptural Visions

Prayers Answered
By Robert Walter Weech, 1947
In Mt. Pleasant in 1919 I [Robert Walter Weech] attended a funeral of a little boy the same age of my son Merrill. He was just two years old. I sang in the choir at the funeral. I was as close to the casket as the mourners. The speakers talked about the resurrection, of how the mother would be given the child to rear in the millenium, etc. During the funeral, the thought came to me, "If that was Merrill would I be able to receive comfort from the speakers." I didn't know that what they were saying was true. I believed it to be true, but I couldn't honestly say I knew it to be true.

When I was a little boy, one of the Presidents of the Church came to Pima, Arizona. (I believe it was President Woodruff.) At that time we kiddies were taught to bear our testimonies and we would stand up and say we knew that this is the true church and that we knew this and that. Our president pulled back the curtains and listened to us for a wh…

Shadowstats: Real Unemployment now at 22.5% ! !

Shadowstats: Real Unemployment now at 22.5% ! ! No. 416: Payrolls, Unemployment and Revisions, M3, PCE Deflator

February 3rd, 2012

Payrolls, Unemployment and Revisions, M3, PCE Deflator
February 3, 2012 __________ Basic Economic Outlook Unaltered by Stronger Labor Data January Jobs Reading Still at Levels of 11 Years Ago January Unemployment: 8.3% (U.3), 15.1% (U.6), 22.5% (SGS) Money Supply M3 Growth Is Picking Up __________
PLEASE NOTE:The next regular Commentaryis scheduled for Friday, February 10th, covering the December and annual 2011 trade balance.
Best wishes to all — John Williams

Opening Comments and Executive Summary. Welcome to Election-Year 2012!Last week’s comments on today’s (February 3rd) January 2012 labor market reporting included, “Given pending benchmark revisions, monthly reporting results are unusually vulnerable to any reporting needs of the political establishment.” The political environment remains worthy of consideration here as a factor that could…

The modern worship of the ancient God BA'AL!! (Super Last Days Eye/Heart Opener)

The modern worship of the ancient God BA'AL!! (GREAT Glenn Beck Show) Just watched this full episode this morning while I was on the tread mill.
This is an AWESOME SHOW.
Really worth the time to watch it.
While he titles it "Secular Fundamentalism" the show is all about the modern worship of the God "Ba'al" from ancient times!
This week has absolutely been THE BEST shows I have ever seen him do!

From GBTV: The Rise of Secular Fundamentalism

Thursday, Feb 2, 2012 at 10:21 PM EST
On Thursday, Glenn and Daniel Lapin discussed the rise of secular fundamentalism, what it means, and how it applies today on GBTV. We’ve made the FULL interview available in five clips – watch it below!

The FULL SHOW in it's entirety.
Part 5…
IRAN Issues warning to USA: coming great event

Iran warns world of coming great event
Says 'evil hegemony' soon will be defeated by power of Allah

Published: 19 hours ago

By Reza Kahlili
Amid crippling sanctions over its nuclear weapons program, Iran is continuing to prepare itself for war against the West, and now is warning of a coming great event.

“In light of the realization of the divine promise by almighty God, the Zionists and the Great Satan (America) will soon be defeated,” Ayatollah Khamenei, the Iranian supreme leader, is warning.

Khamenei, speaking to hundreds of youths from more than 70 countries attending a world conference on the Arab Spring just days ago, told a cheering crowd in Tehran that “Allah’s promises will be delivered and Islam will be victorious.”

The countries represented included Bahrain, Egypt, Libya, Palestine and Tunisia, all of which have been involved in the Arab Spring.

In his r…

The Gates of Hell (Movie) "If you want a glimpse of whats shortly coming"

The Gates of Hell
Three years in the making, “Gates of Hell” is a documentary from the year 2016 that chronicles the crimes of a band of domestic terrorists known as the Zulu 9. Finnish filmmaker Ani Juva travels to the United States to better understand the mysterious black power assassins, the unexpected eugenics conspiracy theory that drove them to commit extreme acts of violence and how America’s political landscape was transformed overnight. Blending real history and real public figures with a fictitious (yet plausible) future, it is safe to say that you have never seen a film like “Gates of Hell”.

“Gates of Hell” creator Molotov Mitchell is an American filmmaker and Mensan. His politically-charged projects have been featured in everything from the New York Times to NPR to Fox News. He, his wife and unborn child live in North Carolina, where they also teach armed and unarmed military combat. “Gates of Hell will make you angry. The reason for your anger will surprise you.” -Matt Bar…

Ahmadinejad calls for New World Order

Ahmadinejad calls for New World Order ‎
Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
Thu Feb 2, 2012 1:7PM GMT

Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has called for a new world order of justice-seeking nations, to replace the existing Western-dominated liberal status quo.

President Ahmadinejad made the remarks at the inauguration ceremony of the 2nd International Conference on Hollywoodismand Cinema in Tehran on Thursday.

The Iranian chief executive stated that the world's dominant powers deliberately bully the smaller nations, who are not in conflict with one another, thereby creating artificial problems between them.

President Ahmadinejad also pointed out that this new world order needs to be all-inclusive, and not be dominated by any particular single nation.

At least 48 foreign scholars from France, the US, Canada, Belgium, Greece, Spain, Tunisia, Italy, Egypt, Russia, Lebanon, Azerbaijan, Palestine and the UK are taking part in the co…