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Global Economic Collapse (Excellent Real Time Diagnosis)

Global Economic Collapse


Anonymous Judge Blows The Whistle: America Is Nothing More....

IN5D.Com – Anonymous Judge Blows The Whistle: America Is Nothing More Than A Large Plantation And ‘We The People’ Are The Slaves – The Vatican Led Illuminati Matrix And US Constitution- 23 January 2012

The hidden truth behind the formation of America
The following article presented in three parts, starting today, was written by a former judge.
He doesn’t reveal his full name, but the information contained within the writing is well-worth reading and digesting anyway.
It is worth reading because it should stimulate your pursuit to understand the truth behind the formation of America.
This is important since Americans have long been deceived by the likes of men who followed in the footsteps of despicable characters like Ben Franklin, men who have hidden their Illuminati and Vatican connections behind a false veil of freedom and Christianity.
If anyone doubts what the judge has researched, just ask yourself why America has crumbled into fascism after only a little more than 200 years of so-cal…