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The Frightening Reality of Sin

The Frightening Reality of Sin

By Larry Barkdull

Meridain Magizine

I confess that on occasion I have sinned. I'm not proud of it. What I thought I would enjoy ended up making me miserable. Worse, I gained a troubling companion whom I had a hard time shaking loose. This article is dedicated to my fellow sinners. All of the rest of you can ignore it and rejoice that you are past such things. But I have the feeling that I am in good company. I am sure that there are people out there like me, those who are trying to do their best, but who, to their disappointment, frequently bump up against their “natural man” and the frightening reality of sin.

Why does Satan tempt us to commit sin? To make us miserable is the quick answer. But if we dig deeper and gain understanding of how misery is produced, we will unearth Satan's sinister strategy.

The Influence of the Adversary
A mother of seven spoke of sin as disempowering, spiritual hemorrhaging that renders a person ignorant of God and o…

Extraordinary pictures of solar 'tornado' as large as the Earth moving at 300,000mph

Extraordinary pictures of solar 'tornado' as large as the Earth moving at 300,000mph

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 8:17 AM on 20th February 2012

These amazing pictures, captured by a NASA satellite, show a gigantic tornado moving across the sun.

The tornado is larger than it might look - in fact, it is probably bigger than the Earth, and could extend hundreds of thousands of miles out into space.

And while its progress over the sun's surface seems almost stately, it is moving at 300,000 miles per hour.

Twister: This tornado, which is as large as the Earth, is moving at 300,000mph across the Sun

The extraordinary phenomenon - which cannot yet be fully explained by scientists - was filmed by Nasa's Solar Dynamics Observatory over a 30-hour period earlier this month.

That satellite, known as the SDO, is in the middle of a five-year mission to monitor how solar activity affects the Earth, particularly changes in the sun's magnetic field.

While the tornado - called a …