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Experts fear diseases 'impossible to treat'

Experts fear diseases 'impossible to treat'

Alarming rise in bacteria resistant to antibiotics, Government report finds
*Saying there is no way to stop bacteria is like saying there is sin that the Savior and the Atonement cannot cover...

However, it may take a great deal of faith for both to be cleansed and overcome.

I truly believe God when He said He would give us no challenges or problems we cannot overcome with His help. Using the wisdom of the natural man there may be little hope or even panic and death. However, the Lord in His wisdom has provided ways for those who are righteous to escape many of these challenges...

To list a few:

Truly obeying the Word of Wisdom provides a strong immune system, which is key to health.

Priesthood blessings are the best thing we have in our healing arsenal, and we must be faithful, righteous, and willing to ask for miracles that are His will to give us.

Among the Latter-Day Saints (Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Sai…

Russia's Redesigned Economic Plans (Global Economy turning towards New World Order)

Russia's Redesigned Economic Plans
February 20, 2012
Russian President Dmitri Medvedev at the EU Headquarters in Brussels on Dec. 15


Members of the Kremlin elite had forged two plans meant to modernize and strengthen the Russian economy for the future. The twin modernization and privatization programs were to depend largely on foreign expertise and investment -- particularly investment from the Europeans, who are Russia's most important trade partners. However, the European economic crisis and political instability inside Russia have complicated matters, making investment less likely. Thus, the Kremlin is reformulating its plans to better suit the current circumstances.


The Kremlin's top political, business and economic minds are holding a series of meetings and are exchanging a flurry of private messages concerning a reassessment of Russia's economic strategy. This comes as two main factors affect Russia's economic pla…

Rare kind of eclipse will be visible from small Utah town (More Signs from the Heavens..)

Rare kind of eclipse will be visible from small Utah town
KANARRAVILLE -- Even though only 400 people live in the town, Kanarravile will need toilets for about 5000. Why? Because the town is ground zero for a very rare astronomical event.

It's called the "Ring of Fire," a special kind of eclipse of the Sun. The Moon is a bit further from Earth, so it doesn't quite cover the Sun. Southern Utah will be in the sweet spot just before sunset on May 20.

"Oh, it's, it's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity," said amateur astronomer Mike Saemisch.

No one in Kanarraville can predict how many will come. But 5,000 is their planning number. The mayor, Keith Williams, says it's a privilege to host a solar eclipse.

"We haven't had a lot of things happen here, you know. So, yeah, I think it's good even though it's overwhelming to, I think, people in town," he said.

In a so-called "annular" eclipse, the Moon is slightly farther a…

No. 419: January CPI, PPI, Real Retail Sales and Housing Starts

No. 419: January CPI, PPI, Real Retail Sales and Housing Starts

February 17th, 2012
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What is this?
January CPI, PPI, Real Retail Sales and Housing Starts
February 17, 2012 __________
Annual “Core” Inflation Rose for 15th Straight Month
Year-to-Year January Consumer Inflation: 2.9% (CPI-U), 3.1% (CPI-W), 10.5% (SGS) Headline CPI and PPI Inflation Rates Understated Due to Unstable Seasonal Factors __________
PLEASE NOTE:The next regular Commentaryis scheduled for Friday, February 24th, covering January new and existing home sales.
Best wishes to all — John Williams

Opening Comments and Executive Summary. Key business data for January were of mixed results but, on balance, were on the soft-side of consensus expectations. In terms of the headline labor data, retail sales, industrial production and housing starts, only the jobs and unemployment numbers beat expectations; the other headline rele…
Glenn says we're already in WWIII and so far it's being fought economically pretty interesting!

Glenn explains the global conflict being fought right now!