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Preparedness Quiz: 100 Questions - WHO Survives?

Preparedness Quiz: 100 Questions - WHO Survives?

The History and Future of Pandemics

The History and Future of Pandemics

Posted on February 21, 2012 by Jennifer Bell
The Danger of Pandemics

Without a doubt, a pandemic is a serious – and usually deadly – disease outbreak at a global level. In fact, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) states that “another influenza pandemic is highly likely, if not inevitable”. The word pandemic, itself, comes from the Latin word Pan which means across or all, and the Greek word Demos which refers to a population or people. Thus, pandemic refers to a disease that spreads across to many people in a region, continent or even the world.

Pandemic Phases

A pandemic usually goes through a number of different phases. However, the time span for these different phases can vary from months to years. The World Health Organization (or WHO) keeps a careful record of viruses and their various phases – and the WHO pandemic stages include:

Phase 1
: The virus is only circulating in animals, and no huma…

Economic doomsday predictions gathering strength (This would NOT be good)

Economic doomsday predictions gathering strength The Bipartisan Policy Center today added its warning to the gathering cloud of predictions that an economic doomsday – the need to raise the federal debt ceiling again – could collide with the 2012 election.
“When the Budget Control Act of 2011 increased the debt ceiling last August, Congress, the administration and outside analysts believed that this increase would allow federal borrowing under the limit well into 2013,” the center wrote. “Due to unexpected circumstances – that belief appears increasingly likely to have been misguided.”

Nearly everyone has a clear memory of last year’s debt ceiling war between Congress and the White House. There were accusations of profligate spending against those of endangering the sovereign credit of the United States.
Then a compromise was reached that was supposed to take that issue out of the headlines until after the 2012 election.
Now it looks like not.
WND reported earlier when Damian Pale…