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Very uncanny parallels that I feel are deserving of some attention. (Book of Mormon, and Our Day)

The following exposition contains some very uncanny parallels that I feel are deserving of some attention. Some are more convincing than others, but I’ll let you be the judge.
So, here it is—the Book of Mormon, and Our Day:
It seems reasonable to assume that our current time is analogous with that time found in mid-Helaman. If this model is at all reliable, we might look to what comes next in an attempt to forecast the future. Let’s see what’s ahead: The increase of the Church among the Lamanites (Helaman 6)The Church, much like the business world, has its eyes on China and India. Missionaries are already in India, and who knows what’s behind the floodgates of China’s doors.Increased Gadianton Activity (Helaman 6)Political assassinations, corruption, intrigue…every political conspiracy theorists’ worst fears come true.Samuel the Lamanite (Helaman 13-16) A prophetic voice independent of the ecclesiastical hierarchy among the Nephites (Nephi was prophet) Most of the Nephites reject him (…

3 Nephi Chp. 3 included in Talk by Elder Pieper of the Quorum of the Seventy

A talk was given by Bro. Pieper, a member of the Seventy at a regional Stake Conference on Sunday, Feb. 26. It included Stakes from Maryland, Virginia, Wash. DC and N. Carolina.
He commented that this is being referred to as the "Mormon Moment".
He also quoted extensively from the first several verses of 3 Nephi, Chapter 3. It concerns the letter that Lachoneus receives from the Gaddianton leader, Gidgiddoni, who first flatters then threatens the Nephite leader.
"I was not paying close attention at first but my attention was riveted by the end of his remarks. I wish that I had taken notes so that I might remind myself of exactly what he said.
In general, the impression I received was we need to stand for truth and not be ashamed of our Church or the gospel plan, despite scoffing, threats or disdain for the gospel. People are watching us and we need to give a good example of our faith.
As he was speaking, I thought of the persecution many Christians are facing around the…

5 Solar Eruptions in 2 Days (More Wonders in the Sun)

5 Solar Eruptions in 2 Days

Things on the sun have certainly been heating up. Our closest star unleashed five solar eruptions in only two days last week, producing extraordinary northern lights displays for lucky skywatchers over the weekend.

2/28/2012 -- Threat of a LARGE earthquake looming in Asia -- Taiwan, through Japan to Alaska

2/28/2012 -- Threat of a LARGE earthquake looming in Asia -- Taiwan, through Japan to Alaska


Thy Power Through All The Universe Displayed!

Science Vs. Religion. Can they co-exist? Several quotes in this presentation suggests they're two sides of the same coin. The pursuit of knowledge plays out in perfect harmony when one realizes that the universe is as finely tuned as a Baldwin Piano. One thing is for sure, science studies the laws of the universe while religion attributes God for writing them. Someone did the tuning... Someone is watching over this great vast out reach of space and time."The Architect of the universe didn't build a stairway leading nowhere." Napoleon HillI thought this would be incredibly appropriate for our day. Anyone who looks up at the stars thinks the same thoughts and wonders what our place is in this Universe and how much of that Universe we'll be able to see or experience in our lifetime. What amazed me most about the deep space images is that these aren't "STARS" making up those points of life but entire galaxies made up of millions upon millions of stars. …

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‘Fear thou not’

This has got to be one of the best articles that I have ever seen concerning this period of time that we live in. It describes the dangers confronting us, and how we should and should not look at them. It is wise and timely guidance for us to follow and implement in our lives as we transverse these wonderful but turbulent times that we are blessed to be a part of.

‘Fear thou not’
Church News » Saturday, February 18, 2012

In these times, many people are pessimistic toward the future.

With earthquakes and volcanoes, weather in extremes, war looming with rogue and threatening nations, murderous venting by local individuals, national and individual debt reaching historic extremes, the sex industry profits increasing at the expense of the vulnerable and abused — and so much talk of all these things — no wonder some people are pessimistic!

However, as valid as these issues may be, we do not need to lose hope. The adversary would seduce us into pessimism for, with that attitude, he has greater c…