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Awakening to our awful situation (Amazing Scriptural Slide of the Warnings)

Awakening to our awful situation

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NASA EMPLOYEE SPEAKS ABOUT NIBIRU (Normally I hestitate to post anything about this subject, but it seems it could fullfill prophecies)

This video is to provoke thinking outside of the box~  I normally don't like posting anything about "Nibiru" since their is so much controversy about the subject. This seems to be real, but that is my personal opinion, I do like the way he describes how the scriptures will be fullfilled when the planet/dwarf star passes earth. Reminded me of Isaiah 29.
(Wonderful feedback on Video, by EnKnight, of ldsavow site)
I have to say this "NASA employee" lost a few credibility points with the lead helmet and potty pants comments.

Knowing that a person sets themselves up for riducule by saying the "N" word around here...
I'll risk sharing a few things that went through my mind when I listened to this video.

First of all, the scriptures about the preparation of the earth and the people on the face of it to receive the Savior at His second coming are speaking of CATACLYSMIC UPHEAVAL!
Call me a sucker, but I've believed for many years (long, LONG before I…

I wish to share two dimensions regarding the LDS Church (Including remarks by Count Leo Tolstoi)

Synopsis of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

David W. Allan
4 Oct.'90; updated 4 Aug. '03

I wish to share two dimensions regarding the Church...

1) Its origin and growth.

2) Highlights of its Plan of Salvation and teachings.

A perspective can be gained from the following interview, which occurred in 1892: Dr. Andrew D. White former president of Cornell was at the time serving as U.S. Ambassador to Germany. Dr. White -- a frequent visitor with Count Leo Tolstoi -- related the following conversation.

"Dr. White," said Count Tolstoi, "I wish you would tell me about your American religion."

"We have no state church in America." replied Dr. White,

"I know that, but what about your American religion?"

Patiently then Dr. White explained to the Count that in America there are many religions, and that each person is free to belong to the particular church in which he or she is…

10 weirdest things about March 2012 weather-

10 weirdest things about March 2012 weather.


No. 10: Heaviest late-season snow
What's so strange about snow in the Pacific Northwest? Aren't the Cascades prone to snowstorms measured in feet?

Yes. However, on March 20-21, as we officially ushered in spring, Eugene, Ore. was blanketed in 6-10" of snow. Officially at the Eugene Airport (elevation ~ 365 ft. MSL), 7.5" of snow was measured, the heaviest snowstorm for so late in the season with records dating to 1892. It was also the heaviest snowstorm this late in the season in Oregon's capital, Salem (2.5").

Incidentally...Eugene's average annual snow is only 2.8". This storm dumped 2-3 times that March!

No. 9: A Massive, Rapid Snowmelt
On March 4, Marquette, Mich. had 47" of snow on the ground. The first 5 days of March featured over 2 feet of snow. Sounds like a typical, frustrating March in Michigan&…