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He Is Risen


North American Union Moves Closer After Trilateral Summit

North American Union Moves Closer After Trilateral Summit

Written by Alex Newman

Wednesday, 04 April 2012 11:16

President Obama hosted Mexican President Felipe Calderón and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper in Washington, D.C., this week for the so-called “North American Leaders Summit,” announcing further integration of the three governments across a broad range of fields. The meeting, however, fueled deep suspicion and concern among advocates of national sovereignty and the U.S. Constitution.

According to statements released after the gathering, Obama and the leaders of Mexico and Canada discussed everything from trade and energy to security, health, and narcotics. All agreed that more integration and trilateral cooperation was needed, supposedly for the benefit of the “peoples” of the region.

“Our integration helps maximize our capabilities and makes our economies more innovative and competitive globally,” the “three amigos” claimed in a joint statement released after th…

EXCLUSIVE: Bank Run, Food Shortage, Riots, and Worldwide Collapse

More and more evidence of the great fall of the U.S.'s dollar.

10 Places to Ride Out the Apocalypse


10 Places to Ride Out the Apocalypse (10 pics)

2 April 2012

You've assembled your post-apocalyptic reading list. You've packed your bug-out bag. You've even practiced a little melee combat, just in case. But where should you go when the global pandemic hits or sky starts raining fire?
If you can hang out in a self-sufficient rural community or get yourself adopted into a tribe of uncontacted people, then you can probably pull through several flavors of apocalyptic disaster. But here are a few specific locations that might improve your odds of survival, if you can get there in time:

1. Utah:
In the event of a run-of-the-mill infrastructural collapse, it wouldn't be a bad idea idea to hightail it to Utah and make friends with some stockpiling Mormons. The Church of Latter-Day Saints strongly recommends that its members keep at least a year's …

Demographic Winter - the decline of the human family (Full Movie)

There is one component of this discussion which hasn't been clearly addressed - the massive increase in DEBT and along with that, the requirements of servitude to that debt.
When you go from a society where dad can work an average job, pay off a home with mum raising kids, have a decent quality of life and give the kids an education to just 'house or kids - CHOOSE' it's hardly any wonder the population is in massive decline.
DEBT is killing fertility as much as anything they mentioned here.