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By Roy Masters
Author of "Hypnotic States of Americans"
April 10, 2012
[This article originally appeared in New Dimensions magazine in April 1990, shortly after the collapse of the Soviet Union.]
The same trauma conditioning that drove Patricia Hearst to embrace the ideology of her terrorist kidnappers also occurs between weak and strong countries. A nation's media, depending on how it reports the news, plays a decisive role in either strengthening or weakening the mental and moral integrity of the population.
The downfall of the socialist republics in Eastern Europe has amazed the world, but even more amazing is the rise of socialistic and anti-democratic forces in America.
Over there, people seem to have become imprinted with our ideals, while over here, many Americans have become imprinted with socialis…

Mormons are Christian; Bridging the Breach Between Mainstream Christiani...

Teré Foster of 3DHealth.Net introduces her book, Mormons are Christian. Daughter of a Pentecostal Minister, Teré investigated Mormon doctrine line by line and takes the reader through her investigation. The book has been sent all over the country by Mormons who hope to bridge the doctrinal breaches between themselves and their Mainstream Christian loved ones.

One bishop said it was a "must read" for any Mormon who cares to understand how Mainstream Christianity views the LDS Church. On the other hand, if Mainstream Christians want the truth about Mormons through the eyes of a devoted Born Again Christian without the propaganda that seeks to divide the Body of Christ, they should have the courage to read this book and compare it to the anti-Mormon literature of today. We have had as many as 80 copies of the book purchased by one believer who sent it out to everyone he knew. He proclaims that it is the strongest and most intelligent investigation on the market today.

To order…

2012 (Pt.5) Signs in the Sun, Moon, & Stars--March

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If survival is important you I highly suggest you read “Emergency: This Book Will Save Your Life“

The following article,won’t tell you how to survive disasters, for that you are going to have to read the book, but it will will give you an idea how to escape disaster via the sea:

It was early 2002 when the telefax on the bridge of my 564’ exploratory drillship started spitting out an urgent broadcast to all Americans living in India: The US embassy was being evacuated of all civilian contractors and non-essential personnel. I was very young the last time these warnings proved deadly. The Iran Hostage Crisis happened in 1979, but years later, when I learned about it in school, I was shocked by one simple question our teacher asked: How could 74 Americans be so stupid? The embassy had been taken over once before, earlier that year, and the State Department had issued plenty of warnings urging Americans to get out of the country. So why did the 74 risk their lives and stay? Is any job worth the risk of torture and death?
Just over 20 years later, my embassy was urging me to evacuate t…

Apocalypse: en route or ongoing? (It is not necessary for the entire planet to be threatened for a single region to be thrown into chaos)

Change Your Mind, Save Your Life, by Marc P.

Apocalypse: en route or ongoing? I won’t argue whether something terrible will happen. It’s a flawed premise. Something terrible is already happening, just not where your computer is plugged in. It is not necessary for the entire planet to be threatened for a single region to be thrown into chaos. It wasn’t necessary for the whole state of Louisiana to be in peril before New Orleans turned medieval after Katrina. The mistake in logic occurs with the base assumption that a survival scenario is the end game. If that’s your assumption, there’s no need for extensive preparations. All you can hope to do is postpone the inevitable. For the rest of us, disaster will bring about a dire, though temporary state of more primitive living conditions. It’s temporary because we are working to make sure it doesn’t last. Everyone’s survival objective should be to rebuild and sustain. Adapt does not mean devolve.

Civilization is usually restored in a matter …