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A Sense of Fear & Panic

A Sense of Fear & Panic

That hidden and insidious enemy who lurks within and limits our capacity, destroys our initiative, and strangles our effectiveness. This enemy of whom I speak is fear: a fear to wholeheartedly accept a calling; a fear to provide direction to others; a fear to lead, to motivate, to inspire. In His wisdom, the Lord provided a formula whereby we might overcome the arch villain of fear. He instructed: "If ye are prepared ye shall not fear." - President Thomas S. Monson (Building Bridges, New Era, Nov 1985)

"Fear, which 'shall come upon every man', is the natural consequence of a sense of weakness, also of sin. Fear is a chief weapon of Satan in making mankind unhappy. He who fears loses strength for the combat of life, for the fight against evil. Therefore, the power of evil ever seeks to engender fear in human hearts." - John A. Widstoe, Conference Report, April 1942

The unending news reports of local and world events carry profoun…

This should blow your socks off

This should blow your socks off..if not..than your NOT awake yet~
Enjoy blogenites!!!

The Grand Deception; A Second Look at the War on Terrorism (Great Read!!!!)

The Grand Deception; A Second Look at the War on Terrorism
G. Edward Griffin

Ladies and Gentlemen, the title of my presentation today is The Grand Deception - A Second Look at the War on Terrorism.

I was flattered to hear in my introduction that I have a reputation for taking complex subjects and making them easy to understand. I hope I can live up to that expectation, but I couldn’t help wondering if I can really do that with this topic: The War on Terrorism. How can you make that easy to understand? It’s such a huge and confusing topic. I feel like the proverbial mosquito in a nudist camp. I know what I have to do. I just don’t know where to begin.

There is a formula I often follow when I don’t know where to begin, and that is to start with history. If you discover the history, you should be able to figure it out as you go along. It was Will Durant who said, "Those who know nothing about history are doomed forever to repeat it."

Are we doomed to repeat the mistakes of hist…