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Psalms 83 War/ Israel vs. Iran "The coming showdown!" (April 19, 2012)

Israel, Gods chosen people has always been the true time piece in our Lords return (RAPTURE)(LDS Members do not believe in this rapture) You can clearly see from all these world news articles on a daily basis that the world is intertwinded in global chaos in reguards to massive natural historic events unlike anytime in human history; which just started taking place a little over a year ago all at the same time.This is the word of God & Bible Prophecy coming to pass! We see Massive Solar Flares slamming the Earth every other day, We also see Meteors & firballs scorching across the skys, Comets, Astroids, Magor Earthquakes, violent Tornados, raging storms, Biblical flooding, mass Volcano eruptions, record breaking Heat waves, relentless Droughts & ect.. We see thousands of Animal & ocean species dying off in mass all around the world just as God told us would happen right before the Tribulation & the Days of Sorrow. God is putting a sign in front of our faces saying …

The coming Super Solar Storm! Aurora's & Celestial Lights/Signs in the...

The coming Super Solar Storm! Aurora's & Celestial Lights/Signs in the Heavens (April 22, 2012)

Humanity needs to be much better prepared for massive solar storms, which can wreak havoc on our technology-dependent society, a prominent researcher warns.Powerful blasts from the sun have triggered intense geomagnetic storms on Earth before, and they'll do so again. But at the moment our ability to predict these events and guard against their worst consequences — which can include interruptions of power grids and satellite navigation systems — is lacking, says Mike Hapgood of the British research and technology agency RAL Space.

"We need a much better understanding of the likelihood of space weather disruptions and their impacts, and we need to develop that knowledge quickly," Hapgood, head of RAL Space's space environment group, writes in a commentary in the April 19 issue of the journal Nature. …

It's time to read this again...(How could we find hope for our tumultuous world today from a story with seven years of perhaps the worst famine in history?)

It's time to read this again...

This discussion reminded me of the following article written last year. I copied it from another thread. Are we headed for a dollar collapse very soon?

How could we find hope for our tumultuous world today from a story with seven years of perhaps the worst famine in history? We can find hope from the story of Joseph, who rose from a slave to be the righteous and successful ruler of Egypt. Starting with comparisons made by modern prophets, plus similarities between the Jubilee calendar year cycle anciently and in our day, I believe that there is a good possibility that Joseph’s seven years of plenty and of scarcity may closely parallel our day. As optimistic encouragement to us today, Joseph’s history is one of great success in spite of the devastation of the “blasted years,” proceeding onward to more than sixty more years of his righteous rule in Egypt.1

Moses and Joseph – Two Patterns of Miracl…

4/21/2012 -- Solar poles to flip next month (1yr early) -- TWO north pol...

Per the Japanese HINODE team -- in about one months time -- (may 2012) the sun north pole will hit "zero" and form into MULTIPLE positive poles --- this is happening a year ahead of time.

thanks to jeorgekite:

download the japanese pdf below his video:

Here is the press release from HINODE Japan:

Polar Field Reversal as observed with Hinode
19 April 2012
Naional Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ/NINS)
Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency(JAXA)
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
Science and Technology Facilities Council(STFC)
European Space Agency(ESA)

The polarity of the extended uni-polar magnetic field in the solar polar region is known to reverse every 11 years, and the reversal occurs at around the maximum of solar activity, which is expected to take place at around 2013 May (NOAA ).

High latitude magnetic fie…

The Trinity Creeds: Roadblocks to Understanding Christ’s Atonement

The Trinity Creeds: Roadblocks to Understanding Christ’s Atonement

Monday, April 16 2012The Trinity Creeds: Roadblocks to Understanding Christ’s Atonement

By Gary C. LawrenceComment on Article

Most of our fellow Christians just don’t get it.
In a July 2011 national survey my firm conducted, 1000 randomly chosen American adults were asked if they believed there is life after death. And if so, we asked, “Do you believe that we will be resurrected with tangible bodies or that we will live as spirits?”
Among the 780 self-identified Christians in the sample, only 87% believe in life after death (how the other 13% can call themselves Christian is beyond me). As for the resurrection, only 25% believe in life after death and that we will have tangible bodies.
But 51% believe our life after death will be as spirits, and another 11% have no opinion. Can you believe that? President George Albert Smith is quoted in the current Priesthood and Relief Society manual as saying that “a good many peop…