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LDS Preparedness Manual #5.3 - Surviving in the City

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Sarah Menet nde "there is no death"

Excellent and True account of the inspiring life of Sarah Menet.
Many great truths of the other side are found, including future events to come...

The Explanation of WHY the CHINESE launched a Missile off of Los Angeles...

The Most Critical & Urgent Information for Every American to Understand. If you understand China's game plan, you will understand the reason why China would have a submarine launch a missile off the coast of Los Angeles. It was simply a test for what is coming next.

The Coming War with China part 2

Part 2...more of MUST WATCH CRITICAL/URGENT NEWS FOR ALL AMERICANS. Another excerpt from The Coming World Wars presentation... More details about Chinese war preparations.

Freefood2go, Roger K Young

Image Roger K. Young describes why he started Freefood2go

It's my personal understanding that  We will NEED this type of company in the Very near future!!

Big Solar Events in May ?


A Last-days Time Line from the Joseph Smith - History (Plus thumbnail summary)

A Last-days Time Line from the Joseph Smith - History
While I was reading the Joseph Smith - History in the Pearl of Great Price a last-days time-line emerged from the scriptures that the angel Moroni recited to Joseph. When these scriptures are combined with the words of a modern day prophet a stunning picture appears of our place in that time-line.

From the cannon of scripture Moroni chooses only (4) scriptures that are to be shown to the body of the Church. Joseph records that:

"He (Moroni) quoted many other passages of scripture, and offered many explanations which cannot be mentioned here." JS-H 1:41

The (4) scriptures Moroni quoted are of paramount importance to us in describing the events and timing of this last day’s time-line. The four groups of scripture in the order Moroni presented them are:

1. Malachi - The Great work of redeeming our dead
2. Isaiah - The coming Millennial reign of Christ
3. Acts - The day that the Lord's voice would be cut off from among th…

Sinkholes - A Sign of the Times? -- Earth Changes --

Sinkholes - A Sign of the Times? -- Earth Changes --

Stirring the pot for World War 3?

War Games.

Why are we playing War Games in an area that might incite conflict? (World War 3)

It was the strongest high-level warning from China ever given after weeks of tension, its military told the United States that US-Philippine military exercises have raised risks of “armed confrontation” over the disputed South China Sea. A warning US military official are taking lightly?

Both the US and the Philippines military played off the warning, saying the exercises were “not directed at China.” Excuse me, but would someone please tell China that!


China's official Liberation Army Daily - the propaganda arm of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) - warned on Saturday that “recent jostling with the Philippines over disputed seas where both countries have sent ships could boil over into outright conflict”, and laid much of the blame on the US, which does not seem to understand how serious the warning is?