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Golden Age and Doomsday

Film clips from the documentary "Remembering the End of the World," reviewing the lifelong work of David Talbott in his explorations of world mythology.

Since history repeats itself..  Could Our time be coming to an end?  I say yes, since the Scriptures say so.

Prince Charles and the Book of Mormon

I thought this was a pretty cool article from the Deseret News yesterday.

Prince Charles and the Book of Mormon
By Alex Boye
For the Deseret News
Published: Monday, April 23 2012 4:00 a.m. MDT

A simple challenge from a Mormon ward mission leader turned into a memorable brush with royalty.

As a musician, I spend my days promoting my music and my videos, but nothing comes close to the feeling you get when you’re promoting your faith.

I was sitting in Sunday School of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints a few years ago when the ward mission leader walked into class with a stern look on his face. He had a box full of copies of the Book of Mormon and he gave one to each of us, challenging us to give it away this week and come back next week with a report of whom we gave it to.

My band was on tour that week doing a performance for a charity organization called “The Prince’s Trust.” Every year at this event, they celebrate the accomplishments of inner-city kids.
While on tour, t…