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Something huge is taking shape!

Government prepares for something big?

What's the government buying these days? Hollow point bullets, hardened checkpoint booths and radiation pills

Wednesday, April 18, 2012
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
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(NaturalNews) You can tell a lot about a person by assessing what they purchase. It's called "consumer profiling," and corporations do it all the time. That's how those grocery store loyalty discount programs work, by the way -- they profile your psychology by analyzing what you're buying. From that information, they can target you for coupons, mailers and other marketing campaigns that "magically" speak to your particular interests. It's not magic, of course; it's just behavioral profiling.

So what happens if we profile the purchasing behavior of the U.S. government? What do we find?

Bullets, bullet-proof roadside checkpoint booths, and anti-radiation pills.

450 million rounds of hollo…

Economic Nostradamus: We Are Literally Witnessing a Collapse

Economic Nostradamus: We Are Literally Witnessing a Collapse

With the Presidential election cycle in full swing our incumbent administration, the media, and their financial pundits continue to maintain that the US economy’s green shoots have blossomed into fields of golden sunflowers. Despite what we’re being told, however, the actual data tells a stunningly different story.
Richard Yamarone, a senior economist for Bloomberg Brief, has been called an economic Nostradamus for his prescient forecasting of the 2008 financial crisis, and now he’s warning that the worst is not over. In a recent interview with King World News he suggests that not only is the economic outlook a barren desert devoid of any existence of green shoots, but we have a front row seat to witness the collapse of life in America as we know it:
King World News Interview via SGT Report:
I think people are just running out of money. We have contracting, real disposabl…

LDS Ham Field Day July 20-21, 2012

LDS Ham Field Day July 20-21, 2012

For those who may be interested, I came across this website the other day and wanted to pass it along. As it stands now, there's not a lot of participation, but I'm sure those on AVOW can make a huge difference in that department. With enough participation it could turn into a great annual event, and with someone ready and willing to organize it, I'll be on!

It could be great opportunity to get new people interested and involved as well as shown case capabilities, portable equipment, test yourself on your setup, qrp, solar power, or whatever else you've been working on. Also another reason to get on the air and use that license you worked hard to get! Check it out...

SpiritClips "The Fork" Special Intro by Rob Fried

Rob Fried - Writer, Director, and Producer of "The Fork" - gives a special intro for the film. Watch the film at