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Expected Cosmic Events in 2012 by Pane Andov (May be the Very Best I've posted!!)

Magnificent presentation by Pane "AstralWalker" Andov about the mega event that will take place at the end of year 2012 and beginning of the 2013. He explains that thousands of years ago from the galactic centre of the Milky Way, there was a powerful release of an enormous amount of energy, which like a huge, shining, circular wave is spreading across the galaxy from its centre to its edges.
The released energetic pulse is already affecting the whole galaxy including the little dot we call our solar system. Very soon it will reach us and hit us with full strength. He explains what kind of implications this spreading wave of energy will have on our solar system, especially to our star and our planet and how it will affect the DNA of life.
The way that Pane connects the dots makes it clear what our planet will face soon and what we as humans can do about it. He is also a contactee and delivers important messages which he backs up with scientific data. For the record, his DNA …

John Williams of Shadow Stats "This is end of the world type stuff"

QUESTION: What is America's Economic Breaking Point???

What is America’s Economic Breaking Point?

Mac Slavo
April 29th, 2012

If there exists a single factor that can put enough pressure on the whole of the American economy and force it to crumble under its own weight, it’s the price the average American pays for gas. Extreme up-side gas price swings have preceded seven of the last eight American recessions, most recently in the summer of 2008 when drivers were forced to pay an all time high in excess of $4.50 per gallon at the pumps. What followed this spike – caused in part by tightening supplies, rising demand, easy money and a health dose of financial propaganda – was nothing short of the most severe financial and economic crisis since the Great Depression.

Nearly four years on the country finds itself in the midst of difficult times that have taken their toll on millions of Americans through job losses, home foreclosures, un-servicable debt, and…

Can't avoid it anymore - the LGBT agenda (Shared story)

Can't avoid it anymore - the LGBT agenda (Shared story from Avow site)

I am living in a small town in California. A very small town, up in the mountains. It is very conservative, with lots of churches. Lots of them, of all faiths. Several years ago (when we lived here before) when there was talk about questionable curriculum in California, about homosexuality, etc., I called the District and the PRincipal over my kids' school and they assured me that there was no way that curriculum would be taught here, because they knew the folks of this town wouldn't put up with it. So, we escaped it that time.

Now, the game has changed.

A year or so ago, there was a young man (middle school age) in this town, who was gay, who committed suicide. Very unfortunate. And sad. He was the victim of bullying. Which is wrong --- bullying is wrong period. But, it made national news. And the gay rights movement latched on to it and has inundated (sp?) this town with propaganda and all that. The…

Make Yourself Valuable After TEOTWAWKI(The End of the World as We Know it)

Make Yourself Valuable After TEOTWAWKI(The End of the World as We Know it), by Dalton M.

Most people spend time perfecting their bug-out bag, or their bug-in kit, ensuring they can adequately survive on their own in the event of a catastrophe here. Many envision themselves in the role of “Eli” from the recent movie The Book of Eli, a lone wanderer who fends for himself as he travels in a post-apocalyptic world. I am of the opinion, as are many true preppers, that it will take a community to not only survive, but to prosper in a TEOTWAWKI scenario.

Let’s assume for a moment that your current neighborhood is not conducive to building that community, or that, for whatever reason, the group around you fails to thrive. You may have to move on to another area. When you reach that area, you will likely be greeted as an outsider and any town you reach will likely be reluctant to let you into their community. You will likely be viewed as just another begging trave…

Prophets tell us how to be ready for a Place of Safety

Prophets tell us how to be ready for a Place of Safety:

The principle is called many things but we will start off calling it "the principle of union" Here are some quotes to ponder.

Teachings of Lorenzo Snow, p.151
The Saints will be preserved as Noah was. We should understand that the Lord has provided, when the days of trouble come upon the nations, a place for you and me, and we will be preserved as Noah was preserved: not in an ark, but we will be preserved by going into these principles of union by which we can accomplish the work of the Lord and surround ourselves with those things that will preserve us from the difficulties that are now coming upon the world, the judgments of the Lord. (5 October 1900, CR, pp. 4-5.)

This site is for a voice of warning in these last days. We learn from the previous quote that we will be preserved by the principles of union. So what are they?

Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, Section Six 1843-44 p.313
If I esteem mankind to be in…