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Amazing account of Book of Mormon translation!

Amazing account of Book of Mormon translation!


This was sent to me this morning, and some of you may have already read it, but I hadn't and it's a wonderful testimony of the Book of Mormon.

Die Boek van Mormon
By John M. Pontius
(Note: The following account of the translation of the Book of Mormon into Afrikaans was passed on to me by Ladera Greenland,
a friend from Boise, Idaho. She mentioned that she had found John Pontius’s writings to be reliable and had always enjoyed
them. This is the first one I have read. Elder Leon Huber, Senior Missionary serving in Raleigh, NC)
I was searching through my books in storage a few days ago and came across a first edition of the Book of Mormon
in Afrikaans. I served a mission in South Africa from 1971 to 1973. It was an interesting and challenging
experience. I attended the Stake Conference in Johannesburg on May 14, 1972 when the new translation of the

Scientists stunned by dramatic change in seafloor in two weeks

Folding Pacific>>Scientists stunned by dramatic change in seafloor in two weeks
Posted by khan on May 14, 2012 at 3:38am
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May 13, 2012

The violent rise and collapse of an underwater volcano in the Pacific Ocean is captured in startling clarity for the first time.

Researchers studying the Monowai volcano, near Tonga, recorded huge changes in height in just two weeks.

The images, gathered by sonar from a research ship, shed new light on the turbulent fate of submarine mountains.

Published in the journal Nature Geoscience, the findings were made during a seabed survey last year.

Underwater wonder

Lead author Tony Watts of Oxford University told the BBC that the revelation was "a wake-up call that the sea-floor may be more dynamic than we previously thought."

"I've spent my career studying the seabed and have generally thought it pretty stable so it's stunning to see so much change in such a short space of time."

As many as 32,000 underwater m…

Our Living Hollow Earth (This is for the Super Deep Doctrinal Scholars)

Our Living Hollow Earth

by Rodney M. Cluff
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The Aurora Australis Over Antarctica
For centuries, people have referred to our earth, the planet upon which we live, as “mother earth.”

In nature, seeds germinate in fertile soil to become giant trees, crops of our fields, or the humble grass we walk on. We don’t even think about the air we breath, but we couldn’t live without it. The soil and waters of earth grow the food we eat. The gravity of earth holds our feet firmly on the ground. Without the gravity of our mother earth, we would float out into outer space and be lost. Our lives depend entirely upon the fortitude of our mother earth. From space, earth appears as a beautiful jewel shining in the light of the sun. Our lives depend so much on mother earth that most of the time we take her for granted, but some people even worship her.

It would seem that mother earth indeed is the source of all life upon it. Seeds germinat…

The importance of being prepared for a "lights out" situation like this following true story.

Preparedness for Dark Times, by John D.

I am a deputy sheriff in Louisiana and patrol primarily on the night shift. A few nights ago my shift was alerted that the main city in our parish was under a complete "black out", meaning a total loss of ALL electricity. The reason for the blackout was unknown but the repercussions were great. The power stayed out for a mere hour and a half, but that was all it took to cause chaos all throughout the city. In this hour and a half multiple shootings occurred, multiple wrecks occurred on the highways and city streets, and multiple stores and businesses were broken into and looted due to security systems malfunctioning. All within that small hour and a half. It really shows how fragile the order in our cities hangs in the balance. People who would probably have been watching television or engaging in other peaceful activities, were gathering in the streets starting fights. All because the lights and tv turned off. Wow. Only a handful of p…