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The Coming Collapse: If the Power Grid Goes Down, All Bets Are Off - Jam...

This may be the way the Great Global Collapse begins at earnest, and the United States will have her Prophecied Collapse: (Reference  History of the Church 5:394).
Greek Depositors Withdrew $898 Million From Banks Monday


ATHENS—Greek depositors withdrew €700 million ($898 million) from local banks Monday, the country's president said, as he warned that the situation facing Greece's lenders was very difficult.

In a transcript of remarks by President Karolos Papoulias to Greek political leaders that was released Tuesday. Part two In part 2 Rawles warns, thing will likely get ugly in the short term. But in the long term, liberty will endure - freedom will prevail.

(Great Comment about the Book/Dvd "The Nine Harbingers" Warnings!!)

Do you UNDERSTAND how CRITICAL this information is to us, as Americans,
as Latter-Day Saints??????

These passages in Isaiah....THESE ARE THE VERY PASSAGES that Nephi chose,
under the direction of the Lord, to include in the Book of Mormon as a
WARNING TO US!!!! (see 2 Nephi 19: 8-11, 12-14, and very importantly- verse 19).

Folks, remember: The Book of Mormon was written FOR US (as in U. S. of A).....
And ALL of the foregoing history of Nephi, his parents and brethren, are a leadup
to these passages.....and everything that follows - the fall of his people, the
destruction and scattering of the Nephites, and the subsequent happenings
to his brethrens' people...ALL are a WARNING to us - "A type and shadow" of what
is to come.... And now those warnings and portents have come home to roost, as it were...
our time is nearly fulfilled. As in ended.

What I find so fascinating (and saddening as well) is that this information DID NOT come
from "us" (as in LDS); …