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Euro break-up fears escalate as borrowing costs in Spain and Italy soar

By Hugo Duncan
PUBLISHED: 16:52 EST, 30 May 2012 | UPDATED: 16:52 EST, 30 May 2012

The eurozone took a hammering on the financial markets yesterday as investors worried about a cataclysmic break-up ran for cover.

The single currency tumbled and borrowing costs in Spain and Italy soared as the crisis that has plagued the region for the last three years intensified.

The turmoil spread to stock markets around the world with the FTSE 100 index down 1.74 per cent or 93.86 points to 5297.28 in London and the Dow Jones Industrial Average off more than 1 per cent in New York. Shares in Madrid fell 2.58 per cent while Paris was down 2.24 per cent, Frankfurt 1.81 per cent and Milan 1.79 per cent.

The euro-groan: How the single currency has fallen in value, triggering changes in borrowing costs

The price of oil and gold were also on the slide on fears for the global economy. It came as Paul Fisher, executive director for…

SBSS 32. The Largest Transfer Of Wealth

“The few who understand the system will either be so interested in its profits or be so dependent upon its favours that there will be no opposition from that class, while on the other hand, the great body of people, mentally incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantage that capital derives from the system, will bear its burdens without complaint, and perhaps without even suspecting that the system is inimical to their interests.”
The Gospel and the Church
By Ronald E. Poelman
The First Quorum of the Seventy
General Conference October, 1984

Two different version of this talk were distributed. The first was given over the pulpit at general conference, the second was published in the Ensign and on the official conference videotape. Differences between the two talks are highlighted in red. Deletions from the original talk are set off by strikethrough Font, while additions in the Ensign version are Underlined.

Conference Version Version Published in the Ensign and on Video Tape
Both the gospel of Jesus Christ and the Church of Jesus Christ are true and divine. Both the gospel of Jesus Christ and the Church of Jesus Christ are true and divine,
However, there is a distinction between them which is significant and it is very important that this distinction be understood. and there is an essential relationship between them that is significant and very important.
Of equal importance is understanding the essentia…
Right on Que: Europe Is About to Implode... Are You Ready?


Europe Is About to Implode... Are You Ready?

Submitted by Phoenix Capital Research on 05/30/2012 11:37 -0400

I've warned time and again that the EU would collapse in May-June. That collapse is here right on schedule. And NO ONE will be able to stop it.

Here's why:

1) According to the IMF, European banks as a whole are leveraged at 26 to 1 (this data point is based on reported loans... the real leverage levels are much, much higher.) These are a Lehman Brothers leverage levels.

2) The European Banking system is over $46 trillion in size (nearly 3X total EU GDP).

3) The European Central Bank's (ECB) balance sheet is now nearly $4 trillion in size (larger than Germany's economy and roughly 1/3 the size of the ENTIRE EU's GDP). Aside from the inflationary and systemic risks this poses (the ECB is now leveraged at over 36 to 1).

Spain faces 'total emergency' as fear grips markets

Spain is facing the gravest danger since the end of the Franco dictatorship as the country is frozen out of global capital markets and slides towards an epic showdown with Europe.

A screen displays the IBEX 35 at Madrid's stock exchange on Wednesday. Photo: AFP

By Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, International business editor

7:39PM BST 30 May 2012

“We’re in a situation of total emergency, the worst crisis we have ever lived through” said ex-premier Felipe Gonzalez, the country’s elder statesman.

The warning came as the yields on Spanish 10-year bonds spiked to 6.7pc, pushing the “risk premium” over German Bunds to a post-euro high of 540 basis points. The IBEX index of stocks in Madrid fell 2.6pc, the lowest since the dotcom bust in 2003.

Chaos over the €23.5bn rescue of crippled lender Bankia has led to the abrupt resignation of central bank governor Miguel Ángel Fernández Ordóñez, who testified to the senate that he had been…
Rockefellers and Rothschilds Unite


Rockefellers and Rothschilds form strategic partnership-FT LONDON | Wed May 30, 2012 6:46am IST

LONDON May 30 (Reuters) - The Rothschild banking dynasty has agreed to invest in the Rockefeller group's wealth advisory and asset management business to form a strategic partnership, the Financial Times reported on Wednesday. Rothschild's RIT Capital Partners will purchase a 37 percent stake in the Rockefeller business for an undisclosed sum, the newspaper said in an unsourced report...The coming together of two of the best known business dynasties in the Europe and the United States will give the London-listed Rothschild trust a much sought-after U.S. foothold.
The Coming Collapse of Your World...

There is plenty of history showing timelines of social and economic collapse, from long painful to, seemingly, sudden and catastrophic.

The U.S. has been collapsing for a long, long time, some say beginning in 1913 with the creation of the Federal Reserve, others say the 1960 was the start of the social revolution. Yet, others say that the collapse began with the severing of the U.S. dollar from the Gold standard. The opinions vary, depending on personal knowledge of U.S. history and the truth of the history learned.

If you look at graphs of the U.S. economy since the inception of the United States, you see that from the start of this country, the economy was fairly stable over many years. Though there were some small spikes in the U.S. debt over the first two hundred years or so, the plot of the graph was quite stable.

Once the U.S. dollar was severed from the Gold s…
The Mark: First Human Infected with a Computer Virus

As if humans didn't have enough viruses to worry about, one British researcher has successfully infected himself with a computer virus.

Mark Gasson, senior research fellow at the University of Reading, was able to infect a tiny, radio frequency identification (RFID) chip with a virus before he placed it under the skin on his hand. He uses that chip to activate his cell phone, as well as open secure doors.

Thanks to the computer chip, his cell phone knows when he's using it, and when someone else is trying to operate the device. If someone else tries to use his phone (after, say, stealing it), that person is not able to use it. Only Gasson can.

And instead of him swiping an ID card to enter his building, he just needs to wave his hand to gain entrance. The convenience of not taking out his ID and the safety of his phone come with a price, however.

He served as carrier, an…

The End Times!

Considering people's widespread fascination with the "End Times" and the great number of "prophetic" ministries in Christendom, this seminar is a must for those who want to know that they know how The Best Book ends and everlasting life begins, and what to do in the meantime. Despite its clarity in Scripture, this information has been hidden from the vast majority of Christians throughout the centuries. John's humor helps to make this video a joy to watch. You'll love it!

Get your DVD copy today for $39, or buy three or more for only $33 each. Encourage others to get a copy and share it. You could do it in a weekend and have folks eat and share together between sessions. Please give us feedback as to what you think of it, and let us know how things went if you play it for a group of people. We love you and pray you will be richly blessed by this presentation of God's Word!


Now wi…
LDS Preparedness Manual, V8, Free Download!!


Dear AVOW members (Past and Present)

Last week I announced that the hardbound editions of the LDS Preparedness Manual would begin shipping this Friday.

Today I am happy to announce that the FREE PDF version of the LDS Preparedness Manual, Version 8, "2012 15th Anniversary Edition" is now available!

While I urge everyone to have a copy of the hardbound edition in their home, this Free Edition will spread far and wide around the world in the next few months.

PLEASE, share this information with your Family, Friends and and Associates. Send it out on your mailing lists, post it on your FaceBook and on any other forums you may frequent.

Lets get as many copies of this into people's hands as we possibly can!

The LDS Preparedness Manual is now available right from the main page of LDS-AVOW.

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