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Wells Fargo Bank Seizes Stockton, California City Hall
The banksters want it all ... and extending credit is how they eventually get it. Of course, the credit is created out of thin air, but no one minds that, right?

THURSDAY, MAY 31, 2012

Wells Fargo Seizes Stockton, California City Hall

The Stockton City Council announced Wednesday that they will look at bankruptcy contingency plans after Wells Fargo seized the new city hall building.

The city paid $35 million to buy the 8-story building, but was not able to move in because of its money problems, and recently stopped making debt payments all together. This is the fourth building that was repossessed by Wells Fargo; the bank seized three city parking garages for the same reason.

Just wait to financial problems start to put a squeeze on state governments. California and Illino…

Galaxy Collision- The Milky Way vs Andromeda!

The Milky Way and Andromeda galaxy are on a collision course! In about 3 billion years, the two galaxies will collide. Then over a span of 1 billion years or so after a very complex gravitational dance, they will merge to form an elliptical galaxy.

It means nothing, just a PR release to cover NASA’s (Never A Straight Answer) failures that can be measured, who will measure their correctness on this one? One Navy Commander told me we concern ourselves with the mice while the elephants are running off. If NASA would put their minds to relevant problems such as how to divert an asteroid from impacting the earth. The US will be hard pressed to fund NASA’s “Pie In the Sky” programs, when people are begging in the streets.

I plan to live until I am 4 billion years old and then watch it happen, and so far so good. Unless you plan the same, don’t let it give you nightmares.

ScienceCasts: ISS Transit of Venus

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High above Earth, astronaut Don Pettit is about to become the first human to witness and photograph a transit of Venus from space. His images and commentary will be streamed to Earth during the crossing.

Bilderbergers Know Real Crisis is at Hand

You're probably right. But then what? I'm not an apathetic person but I really don't know what I can do besides facilitating the awakening process for others.(Hence my blog) If there were things we-the-people could do to make the criminals accountable, we'd do it.(They will NOT escape the Lords Wrath) But they've set themselves up quite perfectly and they know it. Those who control the money supply control the masses. (For Now...)
His Return
Prophecy, Destiny & Hope
by Richard N. Skousen

As the liquidity of some of the largest banks in the nation has teetered on the edge of collapse, we may wonder what the future has in store for us. And as we see the daily erosion of Constitutional values and watch as the United States stands helpless and alone to face political turmoil and unrest in the world, we might wonder what has happened to this once great nation and the friends and allies she once had.

Where are we headed as a nation and as a people? What does the future hold for each of us? What great events will occur in the last days? Can we find peace, hope and strength in the midst of the future events of the last days?

Using the scriptures and the words from modern prophets, Brother Richard Skousen explains the sequence of events that will occur prior to the Savior's Second Coming in his new book, His Return -- Prophecy, Destiny and Hope. This book offers a wonderful message of hope for the righteous…
The End Game


Notes from ZeroHedge:

If Raoul Pal was some doomsday spouting windbag, writing in all caps, arbitrarily pasting together disparate charts to create 200 page slideshows, it would be easy to ignore him. He isn't. The founder of Global Macro Investor "previously co-managed the GLG Global Macro Fund in London for GLG Partners, one of the largest hedge fund groups in the world. Raoul came to GLG from Goldman Sachs where he co-managed the hedge fund sales business in Equities and Equity Derivatives in Europe... Raoul Pal retired from managing client money in 2004 at the age of 36 and now lives on the Valencian coast of Spain, from where he writes." It is his writing we are concerned about, and specifically his latest presentation, which is, for lack of a better word, the most disturbing and scary forecast of the future of the worl…