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Possible biblical meanings to the recent transit of Venus across the sun

Are you curious as to what signs the Lord might be giving us with recent the celestial events? Well two interesting websites that offer some fascinating information regarding the relationship of the earth to Venus as well as insights into the symbolism of the planet Venus as it applies to Jesus Christ. I highlighted a few things that stood out to me.

This first site deals with some occult meanings, but I felt some of the information there was pertinent to our understanding. venus-transit-june-5thjune-6th-2012-heralding-return-of-the-feminine

I’m sure you have been hearing about this rare astronomical event called a VENUS TRANSIT which is happening on JUNE 5th, 2012 right after the LUNAR ECLIPSE/ FULL MOON in Sagittarius on June 4th, 2012!
What is happening?
In most basic terms, Venus will be moving across the face of the sun which will appear like a small black dot in…
Prepare Yourself for the Great Day of the Lord
by President Ezra Taft Benson, President of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, May 1982

Every generation, I suppose, sees the time in which they live as being exceptional. The truth of the matter is, you do live in a most exceptional time in the history of mankind. You young people will see events transpire which were prophesied from the beginning of the world. Prophets of old have seen your days and rejoiced in them. And yet, you will face challenges and circumstances, the severity of which has been unparalleled in generations past. For this you must be prepared.

I wish to present to you some thoughts about the times in which you live and about the quality of faith you will need to survive some of the difficulties yet to be experienced. I speak as one who loves you and has been given a responsibility, with my Brethren, “to testify and warn” about the impending crises facing mankind.

During the last week of our Lord’s mortal life, He was …
I am praying for the end of the world because I want a better world -President Joseph Fielding Smith

President Joseph Fielding Smith observed:

“I know these are unpleasant things. It is not a pleasant thing even for me to stand here and tell you that this is written in the Scriptures. If the Lord has a controversy with the nations, He will put them to the sword. Their bodies shall lie unburied like dung upon the earth. That is not nice, is it, but should we not know it? Is it not our duty to read these things and understand them? Don’t you think the Lord has given us these things that we might know and we might prepare ourselves through humility, through repentance, through faith, that we might escape from these dreadful conditions that are portrayed by these ancient prophets? That is why I am reading them. I feel just as keenly as you do about the condition, and I pray for it to come to an end, but I want it to come to an end right. …

“So I pray every day of my life that the Lord wi…