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Letter from our Stake Presidency (The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-Day Saints)

I thought I'd share the first paragraph of a letter written by our Stake Presidency on May 10, 2012:

"We love each of you, and feel to bear testimony that turbulent waters and even more perilous times lie ahead in the not too distant future. We will see the day when the Church stands alone in the world as defenders of truth and righteousness, especially regarding the preservation of the family and in protecting the scared covenant of marriage, as the God of Heaven has defined this sacred union. Standing up to these impending challenges will require that we stay closer to the Holy Spirit than ever before."

Gerald Celente: Ron & Rand Paul Are Killing Their Movement!


Just received this in the morning email from a friend. Thought I would throw it out for your consideration.........As I have watched the threads here on AVOW the last few weeks, they too, have a resounding tone to them. Things are NOT all well in Zion.

If you just look at the titles of the posts for ONE day here on AVOW, you can get the distinct feeling that the time for preparation is rapidly coming to an end. Shortages, inflation, unemployment, bailouts and debt are major contributing factors to one's personal preparedness.

If you don't own it (have it in your possession) you may not get it.
Two is one, One is NONE.
People working in stores, restaurants, government offices have lost 'customer service', it is almost non-existent anymore.
WATER storage is often overlooked and yet the need for it each day dictates its importance in our lives.
Medical/Medicine shortages reported regularly.
Food shortages, p…

Well, the dominoes are tumbling! Gays to be Married in the Denmark Temple?

Well, the dominoes are tumbling! Gays to be Married in the Denmark Temple?


The homosexual rights movement started with just wanting sodomy to be legal and not be imprisoned for their “personal” behavior. Then they claimed all they wanted was the right to have their partner visit them in the hospital. That was followed by saying all that they wanted was civil unions so they could have all the rights of a heterosexual couple – but don’t worry, they would never seek marriage if they could just have civil unions (if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck…). Now, in the United States, the battle is over allowing sodomites a legal marriage, but they insist that they would never force a Church to marry them. If history is to be any clue as to future events of a group of people, it should be no surprise that the first country to pass civil unions for sod…

The Real Star Of Bethlehem Part (1-7)


Patrick Geryl Releases His Books Free Online.

The World Cataclysm in 2012 link below
How to Survive 2012 link below
From the book How To Survive 2012
After poring over all of this evidence, I came to the following conclusions:

1. Sudden reversals and pole shifts are natural to the earth, and occur with clock-like regularity, The result is worldwide destruction, which is supported by paleo-magnetic evidence and early manuscripts.
2. The reversal of the poles is attributable to the harmonic cycle of the magnetic fields of the sun.
3. Polar reversals can be calculated precisely on the basis of the sunspot cycle theory or the magnetic field theory, which the Maya and the Old Egyptians were privy to. These secrets are contained in the Labyrinth of Hawara, a huge complex consisting of three thousand rooms.
Contrary to popular belief Patrick is NOT in this for any money, there is no advertisements on his website and there never has been ..
Breaking News- A Major Attack on US Naval Forces in the Straits of Hormus

By Scott W. Winchell
June 8, 2012

Editor’s Note: We at GCC are standing by SUA staff, the original source of this report was from a person who spoke with service members in theater.

The sources’ story was conveyed as printed, and it was confirmed by military personnel who did not want their names published.

Official statements were not forthcoming and no commentary was added.

SUA and Gold Coast Chronicle made numerous attempts to get official responses, but none were forthcoming

Friday, June 8, 2012 4:40 PM EST – SUA has learned through various sources that an unprovoked attack on the US Navy occurred this morning in the Straits of Hormuz. CVN-65.

The USS Enterprise aircraft carrier and its group were reportedly attacked by no less then 4 sophisticated jets.

Confidential sources within the military have confirmed the attack off of the “Broken Isthmus”

There is no confirmed word on damage or if there ar…