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2MIN News June 15, 2012: Major Spaceweather Coming

Saturday, Jun 16 2012

World leaders in crisis talks and central banks poised to act as fears over Greek election leave euro teetering on brink-

By Jason Groves and Hugo Duncan

David Cameron held crisis talks with eurozone leaders last night amid mounting speculation that the world’s central banks are poised to launch a massive financial intervention after Sunday’s Greek elections.

The Prime Minister used a video conference call with the leaders of France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the EU to draw up a co-ordinated response to the potentially disastrous fallout from the poll.

Mr Cameron is due to travel to Mexico for the G20 Summit tomorrow night just hours after voting closes in Greece, where the Left-wing anti-austerity party Syriza is expected to do well.
A better future? Supporters of the 'New Democracy' political party light flares during a rally

Hoping: Supporters of the 'New Democracy' political party attend a rally ahead of Sunday's general election that c…
America falling like Rome


Its interesting to compare the similarities between the fall of Rome and the current events occurring in America and throughout the world.

Rome found themselves going bankrupt as they tried to finance wars of conquest throughout their known world and then trying to maintain military bases in the lands that they conquered. To avoid this, Rome started devaluing their currency by decreasing the silver content of the sesterces until it became a copper coin washed with silver (ie. quantitative easing). This resulted in high inflation and foreign countries starting to refuse to accept Roman coinage as it lost more than 90% of its original silver content.

When this didn't work, Rome raised existing taxes and created new ones to fund their increasing needs for additional funds. They started seizing private assets (ie. RICO act) and resorted to wholesale confiscation of the assets of…
Reclaiming Apostates (What kind of a culture despises men because of their poverty)

Reclaiming Apostates

by wherearetheangels

In 74 BC Alma and his companions head off to reclaim the apostate Zoramites, who had begun to “bow down to dumb idols.” Although Alma provides a rather thorough description of the Zoramites’ weekly worship service and synagogue, there is no mention of statues within the walls of their sanctuary. What he does specifically identify is that “their hearts were set upon gold, and upon silver, and upon all manner of fine goods.” It appears that by “idols” he meant money and fancy stuff. It’s not surprising that a culture that worships money quickly degenerates into a rough-and-tumble aristocracy of deservedness and earned privilege, despising the infirm as disposable. It was among the Zoramites that the hapless Korihor (no voice to ply his once lucrative trade) was “run upon and trodden down.”
“And they came unto Alma; and the one who was the foremost among them s…