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I know it's long but it's worth it, it's could be the last piece i was looking for, who could be the 12th Imam?

World's most powerful imam to rise?

In a stunning move, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has called for Fethullah Gülen, the reclusive imam of arguably the most powerful Islamist movement in the world, to return home to Turkey from his self-imposed exile in rural Pennsylvania.

Erdoğan’s appeal to Gülen came after he received an award during the closing ceremony of the Turkish Olympics.

“We want this yearning to come to an end,” the prime minister said. “We want to see those who are abroad and longing for the homeland to be among us. … Absence from home is loneliness. We have no tolerance for loneliness. We are saying that this absence from home [of Gülen] should end. To be honest, I understand that this is also what you all expect. So, let’s say the absence should be …

The Fuse is Lit: European Perils

Succinct. Powerful. The Future of the Dollar Explained in Terms of the Current Euro Crisis.

20 Minute Documentary (and main points for the time impaired)

This is from the guys at McAlvany. (they also have a weekly podcast here if you're interested)

The Fuse is Lit: European Perils

major shifts coming in US over the next few years
more has changed in the last four years than at any time since the Second World War
an adjustment has to be made, the only mystery is where, when, and who will pay the price
debt crisis in Europe will be incendiary in the West, the fuse is lit
insolvency issues are not over, the focus is in Europe now but will soon shift to United States
in 2008 the liabilities were transferred over to sovereign instutions and central banks in Europe
too much debt, not enough income to support it
the only thing that was accomplished was to buy some time
the era of credit financed growth is truly over
key implication - 25% decline in e…

Amazing depth of knowledge of the Great Prophets of the Lord

Orson Hyde

Elder Orson Hyde, an early Apostle and the man who dedicated the Holy Land to the gathering of Israel, substantiated President Young’s statement about the Earth’s restoration to its former place and glory when he remarked, "God says he will gather all things into one; then he will gather the earth likewise …. The gathering will be upon a larger scale in time to come; for by and by the stars of heaven will fall. Which way will they go? They will rally to a grand center, and there will be one grand constellation of worlds. (Journal of Discourses, 1:130.)

This statement amplifies on Brigham’s views by including other worlds in this gathering or restoration to its former location. Based on the restoration doctrine, we can also infer that this “constellation of worlds” was the arrangement that dominated the heavens anciently, in the beginning, when Earth was situated near the orb referred to as the “throne of God” by Brigham.