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Washington Coast Worse than Japan Calamity Expected


Experts evaluate earthquake potential off Washington coast
The Northwest's largest earthquake zone, just off the coast, which is called the Cascadia Subduction Zone (highlighted above) mirrors the area where the quake rocked Japan last March. (Image courtesy Pacific Northwest Seismic Network)

...From the data recorded there, the Seattle Times reports that experts now believe a mega-quake in the Northwest could be more severe....

They are now working to create a new analysis of the hazards off the coasts of Washington, Oregon and British Columbia.

One new theory is that the topography of the sea floor is the key. Flat and featureless bottoms, like the bottom off Washington's coast, seem to experience mega quakes more often....

According the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network, the last known great earthquake in the northwest was in January, 1700, just over 300 years ago.

July 2012 Ensign Article: "Take Your Tents and Flee"

The article cites scriptural examples of having to flee Babylon including Alma, Lehi, and Moses.

Then it says to flee spiritually to your stake. We have been called out to our Wards and Branches.
Take Your Tents and Flee by Kevin Hinckley

The Lord has called us to flee the wicked things of the world and find safety in the gospel.

Around 148 B.C., the Lord sent the Book of Mormon prophet Abinidi to call the wicked King Noah and his people to repentance. The king and his priests rejected Alma's message, imprisoned him, and then put him to death.. However, one of King Noah's priests, a young man named Alma, hearkened to the words of the prophet. Alma carefully recorded Abinidi's teachings about the coming of Christ and then quietly began sharing them with all who would listen. As a result, hundreds were baptized at the Waters of Mormon. Soon their faith and acceptance of the gospel brought a strong negative…

"America In Danger" by Stephen Studdert

An LDS Washington DC Insider Says America is in DangerBy Maurine Proctor

Former White House advisor to three U.S. Presidents — George Bush, Ronald Reagan and Gerald Ford — Stephen Studdert knows Washington as an insider with privileged information, contacts and insight. Unfortunately these days this knowledge is a burden and the normally optimistic Studdert admits that he’s a worried man.
He has written America in Danger — What You Must Know to Protect Yourself to raise a warning voice saying that such a complexity of factors influencing American independence and the economy are upon us that it is difficult for most citizens to gain perspective. However, it is essential to have this understanding to be adequately prepared.
He writes:
Things feel of late like the planet is on a downhill runaway train and picking up speed, growing ever closer to the mountain cliff. The inevitable crash is around the next bend, or the next. There are frightening clouds of instability on the c…