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120622 - The Ant and the Grasshopper

Hyper Report recommends the reading of Gregory Mannarino’s The Game is Rigged

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Clarke and Dawe – The European Crisis
This humorous video pretty much sums up the European crisis. I really like how they emphasize the Europeans, who owe billions of dollars, do not like people, who owe trillions of dollars, lecturing them. I also like how they have to pretend that Greece, and the other PIIGS have an economy, and not just a pretty flag and a local tourist office.
The Fundamental Flaw In The Fed’s Thinking
Sugar Daddy Bernanke, in his attempt to keep spurring the economy has not addressed on an important detail. While trying to keep the stock market going up, 30 year treasury rates are going up faster. In fact, these long bonds are nearly three times greater than that of the broader equity market in 18 short months! So, instead of money going out of the bond market, investors could see much higher yields on t…
Last Chance To Prepare For What Could Be The Most Dangerous Year in Human History

June 18th, 2012 (Story from "Video Rebel's Blog")

That most dangerous year begins as soon as Spain and Greece default on their bonds if there is no systematic worldwide program of scientific and rational debt cancellation.
In France bank runs take the form of computers going down when too may customers demand their money. In Italy BNI shut down leaving customers with as little as ten or twenty euros to feed their families for a month. People with automatic paycheck deposit saw their wages deposited into a bank that legally did not have to give them any money to buy food and pay their bills.
Lessons Learned: Cash in hand is more valuable than credit at a bank. And automatic check deposit might not be such a good idea in times of bank runs and banking holidays.
On July 4, 2008 a bottle of beer in Zimbabwe cost 100 billion dollars at 5:00 PM but at 6:30 the price had soared to 150 billion dol…

End Times World System -Gary Kah on Sid Roth


Max Keiser: Banks Are Dead!