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NOAA connects Texas drought with climate change

Natural disaster?...more like deliberate.

Weaponized Weather Modifications..Planned famine.

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Occuring now: "Largest natural disaster in America ever"

"The United States Department of Agriculture has declared natural disaster areas in more than 1,000 counties and 26 drought-stricken states, making it the largest natural disaster in America ever."
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Things are happening so fast... some things need to be discussed during the week.

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** SPAIN IN MIDST OF EXTREME VIOLENCE.-- COULD IT LEAD TO GOVERNMENT OVERTHROW?? NEWS BLACKOUT IN U.S. Why is there a news blackout on the weeks of violence going on in Spain, Greece, and other countries? Because... they do not want us to see what is in the cards for the other European countries and the U.S. As the Global Banking Elitists take over their countries, the people are rebelling. But, it is too little too late. They will make a bloody spectacle for a little while...and be beat down, and Spain, Greece, Portugal, Italy...followed by Franc…
The Elect of God: Receive the More Sure Word of Prophecy

Meridian Magazine Article

Thursday, July 12 2012The Elect of God: Receive the More Sure Word of Prophecy

By Jeffrey M. Bradshaw
[Editor: This is the tenth article in a series of excerpts from Jeffrey M. Bradshaw’s new book, entitled “Temple Themes in the Oath and Covenant of the Priesthood.” Color and black-and-white editions of the book are available on and at selected LDS Bookstores (including EbornBooks, BYU Bookstore, and the FAIR LDS Bookstore). An iBooks version is can be purchased from the Apple iBookstore. Downloadable articles and a pdf version of this book are available at]

Part 1 “Why Do We Participate in Temple Ordinances?”

Part 2 “A Christ-Centered View”

Part 3 “Knowledge as the Principle of Salvation”

Part 4 “How Are We Physically and Spiritually Reborn in the Temple?”

Part 5 “What is the Endowment?”

Part 6 “Passing the Angels Who Stand as Sentinels”

Part 7 “The Meaning of the Aton…