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Following Prophetic Counsel

Elder Ballard of the Quorum of The Twelve Apostles of The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-Day Saints, with wise instruction in these Latter Days.

AMTV News: Iran Ready for War, Hillary Clinton & Islamic Brotherhood

America's Economic Recovery: Smoke and Mirrors

The mainstream news outlets are still proclaiming an ongoing "recovery". Headlines inthe Washington Post warn that the "recovery may be slowing." Meanwhile The Economist calls the American economy "The Comeback Kid." The stock and bond promoters at Parker Financial had the temerity to begin their latest cheery report (dated July 9th) with: "The economic recovery that began in June 2009..." The BBC, quoting International Monetary Fund officials, more realistically describes it as a "tepid recovery." In my estimation all of these pronouncements are nothing but hyperbole. Any movement in economic indicators has not been a result of any genuine or truly fundamental recovery. To contrast the mainstream media's cheerleading, SurvivalBlog reader "Wallstreeter X." sent us some news about the ugly side of Quantitative Easing (QE, also known as monetization), that came from CNBC: M…

Former Democrat & Whistle Blower: DNC Fraud, Financial Fraud & Gov't Spo...

Published on Jul 15, 2012 by
This is Part 1 of my interview with professional photographer and truth activist Michele Thomas. Thomas explains how the Obama campaign, with the aid of the corrupt DNC leadership, stole the 2008 election and handed it to Obama. Michele explains that Jon Corzine played a key role in awarding Obama Delegates which he did not earn, and shutting out Hillary Clinton who was winning - which is why Corzine is untouchable now. In Part 2, Thomas talks about other whistle blowers from within the Democratic Party who she believes were murdered for attempting to bring the corruption to light. Now that Thomas is awake to the false Right-Left criminal paradigm, she is a Ron Paul supporter.

Michele's WND interview: