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These 12 Hellholes Are Examples Of What The Rest Of America Will Look Like Soon

Do you want to see where this country is headed? If so, don't focus on the few areas that are still very prosperous. New York City has Wall Street, Washington D.C. has the federal government and Silicon Valley has Google and Facebook. Those are the exceptions. The reality is that most of the country has been experiencing a slow decline for a very long time and once thriving cities such as Gary, Indiana and Flint, Michigan have become absolute hellholes. They are examples of what the rest of America will look like soon. 60 years ago, most Americans were decent, hard working people and there were always good jobs available for anyone that was willing to roll up his or her sleeves and put in an honest day of work. But now all of that has changed. Over the past decade, tens of thousands of manufacturing facilities have shut down and millions of jobs hav…
Forecasts Show U.S. Drought Getting Worse

Not looking good folks....stock up on feed, pork and beef now - if you can

CHICAGO (Reuters) - The latest weather forecasts call for the drought afflicting the U.S. Midwest to worsen, taking a bigger toll on the country's corn and soybean crops, meteorologists said on Monday.

The midday forecast showed that for next week, the eastern Midwest would get "less than 0.25 inch of rain" -- down from the morning forecast which called for up 0.75 inch rain, said Drew Lerner, meteorologist for World Weather Inc.

Lerner said the atmospheric high pressure ridge was locked over the western Plains and western Midwest and was poised to remain stable, blocking moisture from entering the crop belt and leading to a buildup of heat.

"It's the same old song and dance," Lerner said.

Temperatures will rise into the upper 90s (degrees Fahrenheit) to low 100s F early this week, cool t…
World Affairs Brief, July 13, 2012 Commentary and Insights on a Troubled World-

World Affairs Brief, July 13, 2012 Commentary and Insights on a Troubled World. Copyright Joel Skousen. Partial quotations with attribution permitted. Cite source as Joel Skousen's World Affairs Brief (

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The US government is finding novel ways to downplay the growing Chinese military threat. This week the Pentagon submitted a mere 19 page report on the Chinese military, claiming they were l…
Only a Remnant Survive

(A Very Real Look Into Not So Distant Future)

(Excellent Observation by an AVOW site Member)

Recently, as I reviewed what I had learned from the scriptures and words of the latter-day prophets, the following thoughts began to fill my mind and bring sorrow to my heart.

I know that these things are more than just possible unless there is massive, wide-spread repentance among us, the latter-day saints who should know better and should do better.

The Wicked/Luke Warm, Members of The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-Day Saints, will die by the thousands, as desolating sicknesses (both natural and man-made) rage unchecked. Few have the faith to be healed and fewer still have power in the Priesthood by which they can heal the sick and the afflicted.

As the diseases spread (most from biological weapons), the fabric of society is torn irrevocably and there is little resistance by sick and starving Americans to the foreign invasion .
Many of the invading Chinese are a…