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Droughts Explained in Astro Climatology .101

Dream of the Cleansing of America
Yohani Wolfgram
A dream that he had in 1989 seeing the future of America as told to a close friend.
It was a dream of the cleansing of America.
Here are a few salient points that he mentioned:
* The Big economic collapse which leads to chaos will occur in the last year of the 2nd term of the son of George Bush who will become president.
* There will be a great drought at about this same time all over the
* Many in the 'Church' will become unrighteous and apostatize.
* There will be a nuclear bomb or bombs go off in Northern Utah that will
affect as far south as the Salt Lake Valley.
* Hundreds of millions of foreign troops (Chinese, Russians, Germans, Latin Americans, etc. according to other prophecies) will invade America.
* The main foreign force (in the Nevada/Utah/Rocky Mountain area) will be Chinese or Chinese looking troops mixed with Latin American troops.
* He said that in the third year of the second term of Pres…

A Prophecy from 90yr old lady in 1968

A prophecy by a 90 year old woman in 1968. It was given to a norwegian evangelist and preacher Emmanuel Minos. He wrote it down, thought it was too unbelievable and put it in a drawer and forgot about it. In 1997 it resurfaced, and was published in a local newspaper. Is this about the present time, or what??

UPDATE 24.nov.2009: Please watch this Lindsey Williams video/testemony that confirms the 3rd world war:

Please do not skip through, watch in entirety to get the whole message, please be patient.