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Mia Love: PoliticIt Exclusive Interview (We Must Elect Candidate's With True Morals, And Proven Leadership)

We are To Stand With Leaders That Will Make Real Positive And Clear Changes To Our Government.
With All The Agenda's To Destroy The Amercian Way Of Life, We Must Vote To Make This Change Immediately, And Stand With A True Candidate,  Whom Has Proven That Fiscal Responsibilty Can Work And Has Turned A Community For The Better, And Has Earned The Title Of  A Proven Leader. That Candidate Is Current Mayor of Saratoga Springs, Utah  Mia Love! (Disclaimer: This Is My Personal Opinion Of The Above Statement and I Approve Of The Content)

PoliticIt had a chance to meet up with Congressional Candidate Mia Love. She is currently campaigning to be the first elected official to represent Utah's newly formed congressional district four. Mia Love will be contending against Congressional Representative Jim Matheson who is Utah's current second district incumbent. Mia's website can be viewed at

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The path America and the Rest of the World is presently on leads to certain Destruction.

Video Rebel's Blog (Talk about Last Day Events Unfolding Right Before Our Eyes!!!!!!!!)

Memo To Pentagon: Compare The Invasion Of Lichtenstein And The Cayman Islands To War With Iran And Syria
by horse237

I grew up on military bases and every man I talked to as a child had lost good friends fighting wars that were senseless and never were needed to protect Americans. Everyone who has done tours in Iraq and Afghanistan can say the same today. I say No More.
As professionals, you know the risks of attacking Iran and Syria. Iran mass produces its own rocket artillery (range 130 miles, warhead weight 1,332 pounds, 210 km and 600 kg), solid fuel missiles with advanced guidance systems and fuel air explosive warheads, mach 3 anti-ship missiles and high speed 223 mph (360 kmh) torpedoes. Iran has 1,000 km (621.4) range drones armed with 4 missiles each. They also have hundreds of small fast boats capable of firing anti-ship missiles. Iran can fire very fast and accurate missiles w…
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