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Very Interesting War-Game Scenario-

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An Iranian Nuclear Chess Gambit
by horse237

Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, former Iranian President from 1989 to 1997, is on the campaign trail for nuclear detente with the West. He was the de facto military commander of Iranian forces during the Iran-Iraq war. The following is based on speculation going around Tehran about Rafsanjani as reported in an article written by an oil expert that appeared in Asia Times. I have taken the liberty to submit my own possible scenario that could avoid World War III.

This is the Muslim holy month of Ramadan and ends on the 19th of August at which time Rafsanjani can approach Grand Ayatollah[ Sayyed Ali Hosseini Khamenei to be empowered to propose nuclear detente to the West by offering to cancel Iran's nuclear power project. Iran has no nuclear weapons program. And of course an offer to cancel the program does not mean it will be ended. The wars against Iraq and Libya were not wars for oil but rather wars for Petrodol…
A Vision of the Plagues - A.C. Ville


Some two or three years ago, I had retired for the night, when suddenly a glorious messenger appeared a my bedside and awoke me from my slumber. The light of his presence filled the room, so that many objects were discerned as clearly as at noonday. He handed me a book and said, “Look, and see what is coming to pass.” I took the book in my hands and, sitting up in bed, examined it carefully, and read its contents. In size this book was about seven by ten inches, opening like a copybook and bound in beautiful covers, on the front of which was stamped in gold letters its title, which was The Book of the Plagues. The leaves were only printed on the front sides of each, and were composed of the very finest quality of pure white linen, instead of paper. The typography throughout was in the finest style of the printer’s art. Each page was composed of a picture printed in co…