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ECONOMIC COLLAPSE 2012 - Long Term Unemployment!

You can prepare for economic collapse!
Still another sign of the economic collapse coming to America in 2012 or beyond is long term unemployment statistics. In a word, they aren't good. Long term unemployment has increased in the last several years. In 2007 around 10% of those that are unemployed had been out of work for a year or longer, that statistic has increased in 2011 to over 30%.

In other words, more people who are losing their jobs are finding it harder and harder to find jobs again and are spending more than a year doing that.

I was unemployed several years ago when I got laid off from a major manufacturing aerospace company and I was unemployed for get this, 1 month and I collected 2 unemployment checks. That simply isn't the case today and even when people do find jobs today, many of them are either temporary jobs, part time jobs or those that the applicant is completely overqualified for such as an engineer workin…

COLLAPSE Trailer HD (Civilization unravels as the nation is gripped by a widespread economic catastrophe!)

Civilization unravels as the nation is gripped by a widespread economic catastrophe. Without market distribution, supplies dwindle, and the truth of human nature is revealed when the thin veil of order as we know it is stripped away in the absence of authority.

Two young brothers find themselves orphaned in a world where the rules of society are superseded by the need to survive. Forced from their home, 14-year-old Luke must protect his young brother from looters, gangs, hunger, and 1,200 miles of wilderness which stand between them and safety.

Luke and Scott face heartbreaking decisions and ethical questions as they struggle to find the will to keep each other going.

"Collapse" is an independent dramatic feature film produced in northern Nevada. The film is scheduled to be completed in October 2012, and screened at select festivals in 2013.
(Source: Endtime.Com) 2 Billion to Die in World War 3 — When? The prophecy hits you in the face like a ton of bricks! “And the four angels were loosed, which were prepared for an hour, and a day, and a month, and a year, for TO SLAY THE THIRD PART OF MEN.” (Revelation 9:15) My first reaction was…that can’t really be what the prophecy says! To slay the third part of men? That would be two billion people dead! Surely not! I checked the Greek. Sure enough…one-third of mankind. I checked several other translations-one-third of the human race; one-third of all the people on earth; one-third of humanity. They all said the same thing! A WAR IS JUST AHEAD THAT WILL KILL TWO BILLION HUMAN BEINGS! There simply is no precedent! So that we can understand the enormity of this prophecy, consider that, prior to the 20th century, there had never been a war with one million fatalities. In 1914, World War I broke out resulting in the death of 8.2 million human beings! They call…

The Coming World War 3 Prep | Prophecy in the News

Preparing For WWIII

Revelation 9:13-16...Sixth Trumpet War or WWIII

"Khamenei Warns Iran's Top Leaders: WAR IN WEEKS"
"Getting set for Iran war"
"Syria's Assad Threatens to Start World War III"

It is not a question of will WWIII occur, but when!

What should you do to prepare?

Prepare Spiritually! - Be Born Again
- Get the "Born Again" brochure from Endtime Ministries

Prepare for any kind of disaster up to and including an Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) or Nuclear Attack!
- Email Dave Robbins for some basic steps to prepare for a nuclear disaster.
- Hiroshima and Nagasaki -- Individuals survived
- At the very least you should store up enough non-perishable food and water to last your family for a week.

Email for additional information today!

Be Prepared!!

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