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Spoken from Their Hearts - Spencer W. Kimball - October 1975 General Con...


How diplomacy is bringing an Iran war closer- Iran Near Zone Of Immunity!!

A Vision That Is Happening Now

(Print In Red, Happening Now)


Attributed to Charles D. Evans

Charles D. Evans, on December 15, 1882, saw in mighty vision: the "enslaving of one portion of the children of freedom who differed from them in religious belief and practice." Then he saw "the bands that held society together during the reign of the Republic, were snapped asunder . . . Political strife was everywhere . . . Blood was written on every banner."

The Angel said: "Look again." I looked and beheld that many who were angry with the rulers of the Republic, for their subversion of the Constitutional Law, and their wholesale plunder of the Public moneys, arose and proclaimed themselves the friends of the Constitution in its original form . . . A voice was now suddenly heard declaring these words: "In the distant mountain tops are to be found the true lovers of freedom and equal rights . . . Go there" . . . when suddenly app…

When Will Israel Attack Iran?

Will Israel strike Iran between October 2 and November 8, 2012? Many in Israel think so, and they produce seemingly compelling evidence for this conclusion. Such an attack would have unthinkable consequences for the entire world. Would you be prepared for them?
When Israel strikes Iran in October

Israel is in a political and security quandary.

Officials are convinced it’s only a matter of time before Iran uses its nuclear capability against the Jewish state, living up to the dire threats its leaders have been making for years now.

But Israeli leaders also fear they will lose the window of opportunity to deal a devastating military blow to Iran’s nuclear development if such a strike is not conducted by October of this year.

Because they believe Barack Obama has a reasonable expectation of being re-elected to the White House – and, if he is, he is likely, unconstrained by concerns about a future election, to be a political liability in the wake of such an action.

However, i…
Video Rebel's Blog There Is A Lot Of Ruin In A Nation But None Left In America And Its NATO Partners by horse237 “There is a lot of ruin in a nation.” Adam Smith made the above quote in a letter to a young man who was worried that the defeat of the British Army in its latest overseas military adventure would ruin the nation. Smith did not agree. He thought the end of overseas wars would be good for England and Scotland. But modern America and all NATO member states are near ruin by design. Even breaking away from the cycle of endless wars will not solve all of our problems. We are all on a path to a National Security State because the bankers know they have stolen all of our savings and pensions and reduced our wages. We can never be allowed to demand restitution for the tens of trillions of dollars. We have to be completely subjugated because the bankers know that when our currencies collapse we will have nothing to eat and nothing to lose. I have previously said …