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For Our Day: Prophetic Parallels in the Book of Mormon - official pre-re...

For Our Day: Prophetic Parallels in the Book of Mormon details the foreshadowing events in the Book of Mormon relating to our day using research from latter-day prophets of God and the Standard Works. There are at least six documentary releases planned for this series.

It's interesting that in comparing the Book of Mormon with our day there are many interesting parallels. In each:

DESTRUCTION: The more righteous gather in and the wicked are destroyed to prepare the way for the Coming of the Son of God.

COMING OF CHRIST: The righteous are resurrected. Christ comes to His people, heals the sick, re-establishes his Church and expounds all things.

PEACE: All eventually are converted to the true Gospel and become partakers of the Heavenly Gift. The cities are rebuilt and a great period of peace continues for several generations.

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